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Imagine gaining a new patient, only for them to never schedule follow-up appointments. Each time a patient forgets your practice, you lose a chance to start growing your business! Instead of letting patients slip away, start using email marketing for dentists.

An effective email marketing campaign can help you retain patients. As you book recurring appointments, your ROI will improve.

Not convinced you need email marketing? Read on to discover how emails can simplify growing a dental practice!

Remain Top-of-Mind

Email marketing is an effective way to encourage engagement and two-way conversations with patients. As patients interact with your brand, they’re more likely to remember your dental practice. An automated email marketing campaign will help you remain at the forefront of the patient’s mind.

When they need dental services or want to schedule a cleaning, they’ll remember your emails. They won’t start researching other dental practices in the area. Instead, they can click on one of your emails to book an appointment on your website.

Email marketing can also help you become a valuable source of information for patients. They’ll feel more inclined to contact you when they have oral hygiene questions. Use this as an opportunity to generate more engagement!

Each time your patients check their emails and find a message from your practice, you have the chance to generate brand awareness and recognition. US adults spend five hours a day checking their email. As brand recognition grows, you’ll become your patient’s go-to for dental services.

Brand recognition can encourage brand loyalty. You can start retaining patients, who will book repeat appointments. Most patients book routine dental cleanings twice a year.

Email marketing can benefit other types of marketing. For example, your loyal patients may feel more inclined to leave patient reviews online. Positive reviews can boost your brand’s reputation.

A strong brand reputation could encourage new patients to trust your dental practice. You can leverage reviews and word-of-mouth marketing to start growing your business.

Promote Dental Services

Are your patients aware of the different dental services you offer? Consider using email marketing to promote your dental services.

For example, you can schedule routine emails highlighting specials and coupons. Seeing your emails could encourage patients to book an appointment. Nearly 60% of consumers say emails affect their purchase decisions.

You can also share patient testimonials in your emails. Remember, positive reviews can boost your dental practice’s reputation. Reading a review could encourage a patient to request dental services they hadn’t considered in the past.

Otherwise, your patients may not be aware of the services you offer. They may not recognize the benefits of different services, either.

Each time you send patients a reminder to schedule their six-month dental cleaning, let them know about other services. Cross-promoting services can help you generate more revenue per patient.

Don’t forget to send an email when you start offering new services. Sending an email can help you boost immediate sales. Otherwise, patients may not realize you’re offering new services or utilizing new technology.

Prove Credibility

Use email marketing to share recent blog posts on your website. Informative blog posts can show patients you’re an expert in your field. They’ll start relying on you for oral health tips and advice.

Proving your credibility as a dentist can help brand trust and loyalty grow. Patients may also share your blog content on social media. Future patients will recognize your expertise and credibility.

Other blogs may also create links to your blog content, allowing you to generate backlinks. High-quality backlinks can boost your search engine rankings. Improving your rankings will help you appear at the top of search pages.

Appearing at the top of a search engine results page will help you generate more brand awareness and recognition. Ranking ahead of competing dental practices will also help you gain credibility. Patients may be more inclined to trust your dental practice over one they find on the second page of a search.

Attract Website Traffic

Sending emails to your patients can help you generate ongoing website traffic. Add helpful links to your emails using eye-catching buttons. Write a compelling call to action to encourage patients to visit your website.

Generating more website traffic can help your organic search engine rankings improve. It can also encourage patients to explore your services.

If you’re not sending emails, patients may forget your practice exists. They may not have a reason to return to your website.

Sending routine emails can show patients you have fresh content on your website. They’ll have a reason to come back.

Show Patients You Care

Start personalizing your email content to show patients you care about their needs and concerns. Personalization can help you forge stronger relationships with customers. In fact, 98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships.

Personalizing your emails can generate six times higher transaction rates. It can also improve your marketing ROI by eight times and boost sales by 10%.

In fact, 90% of marketers report a measurable lift in business results after personalizing campaigns. If your emails aren’t personalized, patients may not continue reading them. They may feel that the content doesn’t align with their needs or concerns.

Improve Your ROI

Compared with other marketing channels, email marketing is most likely to improve your ROI. You can continue booking appointments, increasing sales, and growing a dental practice.

A strong email marketing campaign will allow you to attract patients back repeatedly. You can use feedback from patients to improve your practice.

As your search engine rankings improve, you’ll also reach new patients, further boosting sales. Without email marketing, however, you could miss an opportunity to gain patients! Your competitors could gain that advantage instead.

Benefit From Email Marketing for Dentists

Using email marketing for dentists is an easy way to start growing a dental practice. With a strong email marketing campaign, you can nurture patients and book more appointments. Add email marketing to your digital marketing strategy today.

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