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With over 216,000 practicing real estate agents in Florida, there are many potential clients to showcase your marketing skills and help them expand their network.

However, first, you need them to hear your pitch. Ensure people on your Florida realtor email list read your email by starting with an engaging subject line.

Here are some of the best subject lines to get into your subscribers’ inboxes and get your emails opened.

Why Use Email Marketing

Before we get into some great email subject line examples, first you should understand why you should use email marketing strategies.

First of all, email marketing has a high ROI with about a $45 return rate for each dollar that is invested. Plus, it is retentively cheap and often free to market using email.

Emails provide direct access to a specific audience and let you tailor each email for increased personalization. This builds a relationship with the people on your realtor email list.

Lastly, you are able to quickly send emails and don’t have a cap on how many you can send, making it a very effective form of marketing.

Florida Realtor Email List Subject Lines

To use your real estate agents email addresses effectively you have to get recipients to open the email. The best way to do this is to have an enticing subject line. It is the first copy that relators see, which determines whether your email is worthy and beneficial to them.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing subject lines.

Keep Them as Short as Possible

A subject line has a set limit on what is visible in an inbox. So, if you write a long phrase, most of it won’t get read. Plus, people skim emails using the subject line as a reference. Keeping it short will help you convey your message more concisely.

Add Urgency to Your Email

Creating a fear of missing out scenario is a great tactic for getting people to click on your email right away. If they don’t click on it right away then it will get lost in their inbox and most likely will not be seen again.

The benefit of marketing emails is that you can add urgency with a few simple words like “for a limited time” or “Act now to receive…”

Ask Questions That Have Important Answers

Whether you are using a California realtor email list or a Florida one, you can get people thinking with a question specific to the real estate market in their area.

Questions like “What makes Florida relators successful?” get the reader list items in their mind. And when they get stumped, they want to know the real answer because it will help them become successful if they can implement the answer into their job.

Use Statistics for Shock Value

Statistics not only show your recipient that you have knowledge of the market but it also sparks interest in the topic. If you wrote, “15% of Florida residents want to buy their first home,” then a real estate agent would want to know more because this stat makes them more money.

Make it Personal

Make your subject line for your real estate agent email database stand out from the rest by making it personal. Include the first name and the region, showing the reader that the email is specifically made for them.

You can also segment your email list and use the subject line to highlight a specific interest. For instance, if the realtor specializes in selling refurbished historic homes then you could say how this type of niche is trending in their city.

Subject Line Examples

Some standard subject lines work whether you have a Georgia realtor email list or target the whole United States. These are great starter points that can be customized according to your target audience.

  • Sell more homes in half the time
  • The secret to selling a home in this market
  • This is what homeowners look for in a realtor
  • Don’t wait for the housing market to crash, get more clients now
  • Here’s the truth about homebuyers
  • How many homes have you sold this year?


You can plugin names and cities into any of these subject lines to make them more personal. They also work for specific housing and relator specialties.

Followup Emails

Never keep sending the same email out in hopes that someone new will see it. There is a good chance that the email was seen but not opened. In this case, you need to write a new followup email and the subject line should indicate it is a second wave.

Use phrases like “This is your last chance, don’t miss out, my last offer, are these emails helpful?” to display that you’ve been trying to contact them and that you’re offering something they may want.

It is good practice to use subject lines to see if people on your list are no longer interested in your emails or mistakenly was added to your list. You suggest to them that they should unsubscribe if this email isn’t valuable to them.

This may seem counterintuitive to lose email addresses, however, it works in your favor because you will refine your email list. Instead of wasting time on emailing dead-ends, you can focus on interested clients.

Plus, cleaning up your email list will give you a better snapshot of your conversion rates, making them more based on your subject line success rather than a general disinterest in receiving them.

Expanding Your Email List

The best subject lines won’t help your marketing services if your Florida Realtor email list is too small. Luckily, at TheMailListCompany.com we offer real estate email lists to add to your database to reach the most number of people with your message while still being strategic within the industry.

Contact us today to discuss your emailing list needs.