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Did this headline get you to open up the article? That’s the point. A subject line should be so intriguing that it gets the reader to open your email list. Here are some subject lines that have worked for us in the past and we’re going to share them with you. They’re not a secret anymore.

Curiosity  Pique their interest.

I rarely do this

The rumors are true

I have a confession

Don’t Open This Email

Look What We Did

Confidential information attached

This has never been revealed before

A sneak peek for the select few

Urgency.   Put a time limit on your offer.

Once in a lifetime savings ends soon

Going Going Gone

Never before. Never again.

Only 24 Hours Left to Get 50% Off

Last Day to See What Everybody’s Talking About

The next 2 minutes could change your life

Avarice  Appeal to their greed

Don’t tell your neighbor about this

It’s Better Than Winning The Lottery

You won’t be able to pass this one up

Elon Musk Would Approve

Secret Surprise Sale  (Don’t Tell Anyone)

Personalization can improve open rates by up to 26%.

We made it for you {name.}

Hi, [name], quick question for you

Hey {name.} you’re going to like this

Pssst {name} this is only for you

{Name} said we should contact you.


Action Required

Yes, this email is an attempt to sell you something

I hope you are staying positive and testing negative

You Can’t Beat this

What You Need to Know

Customers like you deserve deals like these


If you don’t open this email, I’m going to tell my mommy

Walk All Over Us

For men only

There are no deals in this email

Why didn’t this go to spam?

We’re having a sale for winos like you. – Liquor store

For Ugly People Only


There’s never been a better time

Our best offer of the year is expiring soon

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse

You waited. Now your patience has paid off

Irreverent  Off-the-wall

What would it take for you to open this email?

This offer doesn’t suck

Elon Musk Said We Should Contact You

What would it take for you to open this email?

Exclusivity makes people feel important

Only For You

Don’t share this email

Exclusive Offer For A Limited Time

For under 30 women only

Secret Offer For Jealous People

This email is not for you

Please don’t show anyone this email

Make a List  Everybody loves a list

5 ways to improve your love life

The 10 best ways to make money in a recession”

10 Ways to look younger (without even trying)

Finally – Empathy. What kind of subject line would you open?

If you have any subject lines that you want to share, contact us at


The Email List Company and we will be happy to post them.

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