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Who doesn’t want to improve their email marketing? That’s like asking a fat kid if he wants more cake. But with all the “How To’s” out there, (at last count, there were over 1,000,000 results on Google) how are you going to find one that’s right?  No worries.  We narrowed it down to 5 of the most important ways to improve your email marketing – and we made it ridiculously easy


You don’t drive your car without changing the oil. The same is true with your email list. Don’t use your list without cleaning it every one or two months.

Email list hygiene or cleansing is one of the most important ways to get your email marketing running smoothly. It removes unwanted and invalid emails, bad contacts, duplicates, spam, and bounces that can affect your sender reputation.

You can clean your list yourself with email scrubbing tools or you can pay for the service. Some cost as little as $10 for 1000 emails, Contact Ian at for free details: theemaillistcompany.com


This single line of text determines if your email gets opened or not. In fact, 47% of people surveyed say they open emails based on the subject line alone. So how do you write a subject line that will boost your open rate?

Empathy. What kind of subject line would you open? Imagination. Say something clever – off-the-wall or irreverent. Relevance. Tie the subject line in with your offer or product. Personalization, Use the recipient’s name. Recognition. Use a celebrity’s name  Urgency, Put a time limit on your offer. Humor. Exclusivity. Curiosity – pique their interest.

Test your subject line with a coworker, friend, or spouse. Do an A/B test – test one line against another.


Your lead-in sentence needs to be as compelling as your subject line. This sentence will lead to your offer or hook. Make your offer or hook better. If you were offering 10% off, make it 15%. Add Urgency. Get right to the point. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Your email should be between 25 to 100 words. A shorter email always has a higher response rate.

Make it friendly and conversational. If you need to put in information to back up your offer, use a list, or bullet points to make it easier to read.

Personalize your content – Include your prospect’s first name in the subject line or include their company name. Or the name of their city or state. Share some of your personal experiences,  Personalization can improve open rates by up to 26%.


Add a call-to-action (CTA) end sentence or a call-to-action button. If you don’t have a call-to-action, you could miss out on a sale. Adding a call-to-action button to any email will boost click-through rates by an average of 2.5 times compared to a message without buttons.


A good up-to-date email list is the foundation of your email campaign. Merge your newly cleaned-out list with an up-to-date, verified email list from a provider. We recommend theemaillistcompany.com because it breaks down prospects by the state for pinpoint targeting and it’s the most trusted marketing list company in the country.

These 5 tips will help you get better delivery rates which translate to better click-through rates, click-to-open rates, email reply rates, more sales, and better ROI.

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