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According to LifeWire.com, more than half of the world used email in 2019. Experts expect this figure to increase to 4.3 billion by 2023. What does this mean for your business? In short, it demonstrates that email is still a viable marketing technique. Professionals across the world continue to use email for their business contacts. In fact, the same LifeWire article shows that 62.86% of professionals prefer this method of communication.  This figure applies to doctors in the medical field, too. Doctors often communicate with patients and business contacts alike through email.  This information can have several advantages for your medical company. You can use email marketing techniques to reach doctors and turn them into long-lasting customers. Doing so can yield several benefits for your company. We’ll explore some of these benefits in this guide!

Email Marketing Provides High Returns on Small Investments

You may wonder, “Why email marketing?” Sure, plenty of people still use email, but isn’t it better to use social media ads instead?  Many think email is an inefficient marketing method because of how overloaded people’s inboxes are. It’s also true that doctors’ inboxes tend to stay full all the time.  However, that doesn’t invalidate email marketing as a tactic. Email marketing remains one of the most profitable digital marketing techniques. TechJury.com reports that email marketing has an average ROI of 3200%.  That figure means you can yield $32 for every 1$ spent! Additionally, other marketing campaigns are often more expensive. For example, renting a billboard can cost hundreds of dollars. Social media marketing may not be this expensive, but it’s still not as affordable as email marketing.  In other words, you can spend less on email marketing and reap significant advantages. So, why not choose this method? 

Build a Relationship Over Email

Many digital ads have a single purpose. Their goal is to get users to click on the ad and redirect to the website. From there, they can make a purchase from the company.  Email marketing allows for a different approach. Instead of getting one-time purchases, you can turn prospects into long-lasting customer relationships. The key to this is to remember how you begin other relationships. Think about how you ask somebody on a date. Do you enthusiastically shout, “Date me!” or calmly introduce yourself first?  Your email marketing campaign can reflect this process. First, send an email that gently introduces your company and its products and services to the doctor’s office. Explain your mission and what potential pain points you can help them remedy.  Over time, you can build your relationship to a point when they trust you enough to take the next step. This step could be going to a landing page to purchase a product or hire your services. This approach helps you build a lasting relationship with a client or set of clients. 

Reach Your Target Audience With Ease

Another benefit of email marketing is that you can reach your target audience with ease. For comparison, think about how social media ads work. In these cases, you pay social media sites to place your advertisement in front of users in your targeted audience.  Email marketing takes a more direct approach. Instead, you can directly contact your potential clients.  How can you do this? One option is to purchase a doctor marketing email list.  You can find several doctor email lists from various providers. They often segment these lists based on the type of medicine a doctor practices. For example, you may find email lists for pediatricians, gynecologists, or other types of physicians.  You can use this information to contact a clearly defined target audience. In many cases, these mailing lists also include other relevant contact information for these doctors’ practices. Some of this information includes their phone numbers, physical addresses, etc. 

Access to New Analytics

Another reason to email market to doctors is the new analytics they can provide. Email marketing offers a chance to gain new information on many subjects.  For example, you can survey your mailing list to ask for their opinions about your products. What positive points do they provide? Have they experienced any downsides from them? This feedback can help you improve your products and services for future clients. With any luck, your company can become more efficient for your current and future customers! However, email marketing doesn’t just provide new analytics. It’s also easy to track standard digital information for these campaigns.  Email marketing analytics allow you to monitor several things, including:

  • number of opened emails
  • amount of time spent on an email
  • number of landing page clicks

These analytics make it easy to gauge your campaign’s effectiveness. You can learn early on whether your copy is doing the trick. If not, you can go back to the drawing board to design a better campaign. 

Working With Email Providers

Another advantage of email marketing to doctors is that you don’t have to do it alone. As previously mentioned, you can purchase an email list from a provider online. After you launch an email campaign, this provider can help you analyze your data For example, they can help you find the subject lines that prompted the most opened emails. Similarly, you can learn what CTAs got the most click-throughs and what devices your targets use most. 

Find the Email Lists You Need for Your Email Marketing Campaign

As you can see, email marketing presents many advantages for your company. You can use it to target your prospects directly and initiate contact rather than wait for them to click an ad. Similarly, you can use these campaigns to improve your products and procedures and make them more convenient. So, how can you get started with your campaign? The first step is to purchase email lists that can give you access to your target audience. Fortunately, we offer several email lists on our website! Our email lists target several kinds of doctors’ offices. We sort our lists by geographic location, providing different lists based on your state.  So, search our lists to find the best prospects in your state! Then, use this information to begin crafting your campaign.