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If your business’s target audience is doctors, you might be wondering if email marketing is an effective marketing tool. There are 4 billion (yes, that’s right, a BILLION) daily email usersa number that’s steadily climbing. And over 75% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in the past year. Of course, this strategy only works if you have a comprehensive, audited doctor’s email address list. And building a helpful list takes time and money. If you want to do this in the most efficient way possible, read on.

We provide several ways to source emails, from online research to purchasing ready-to-use email lists.

Peruse Online Directories

One way to compile a list of doctor’s emails in your state is to use professional and governmental finders. You can usually refine your search by state, type of doctor, type of facility, and more.

Of course, you might not get the email for the doctor themselves as a first result, especially in the case of large hospitals. However, if you use these directories as a starting point and dig deeper into the websites of the listed entries, you’re more likely to might find what you’re looking for.

Some online directories you can use include:

  • The American Medical Association’s DoctorFinder
  • Medicare.gov’s healthcare provider comparison search function
  • The HRSA Data Warehouse’s “Find a Health Center” search function

If you’re emailing medical practices in a specific area of medicine, MedlinePlus has a long list of directories for finding specialists.

Trawl Through Individual Websites

Okay, so this tactic isn’t one for the impatient marketer!

Essentially, the idea here is to enter relevant keywords into Google search and hit enter. Then, you’ll go through all the resultslet’s say, to page 5 or soand make a list of websites for nearby doctor’s clinics.

Some keywords we recommend to get you started include:

  • doctors’ clinics near me
  • doctor’s office near me
  • doctors’ clinics in [your state]
  • doctor’s office in [your state]
  • hospitals near me
  • hospitals in [your state]

You could also try searching “healthcare facilities near me” or “healthcare facilities in [your state],” but this could bring up medical centers without doctors.

Once you have your list of websites, you can click through each and crawl the pages (starting with “Contact Us” or equivalent) to find the emails you need.

You can also use Google maps or social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn in the same way.

Go Old School: Pick Up the Phone

Another related technique is to try cold calling clinics and hospitals in your state to ask for the doctors’ emails.

Phone marketing is a tried-and-true marketing method; there’s no reason it wouldn’t work today. After all, medical facilities almost always have administration staff whose primary job is to take phone calls.

If you’re attempting this tactic, you must develop a thick skin. Many receptionists are wary of people marketing to doctors and may not be receptive to your request. Some may be downright rude, hanging up or ending the call abruptly.

However, if you get your pitch right, you might get more than just emails. You could make a valuable connection and educate the clinic about your services simultaneously.

Work With an Email List Company

Medical marketing can be challenging. There are a lot of regulations regarding how services can be marketed, and many doctors closely guard their direct contact details.

There’s an easy solution to getting a comprehensive, state-based list of doctors’ emails; you can purchase email lists from a company specializing in compiling such information!

The advantages of working with an email list company are numerous:

  • The lists are constantly updated, ensuring accuracy
  • You save time, allowing you to work on more pressing marketing tasks
  • The lists are affordable, costing just a few hundred dollars or less for a state-based list
  • You can download the lists and instantly start working on contacting doctors right away
  • The emails are already verified

Remember, opt-in is an essential part of creating an effective email list. The best part about buying a list for emailing doctors is the emails are pre-confirmed. In other words, they’ve already agreed to be added to the mailing list.

Share Your Email Newsletter Sign-Up Link

When it comes to contacting doctors, sometimes a passive approach is the best way to build trust. Instead of actively trying to hunt down doctor’s emails, you could instead send out a link to your email list sign-up form or page.

This way, you can send the link to more generic emails, such as the “contact” email for the clinic you’re targeting, and ask for the email to be passed onto the doctor or for someone at the organization to complete the form on their behalf.

Make an Educated Guess (or Let Tools Do It for You)

Most business emails follow a standard pattern. For example, [name]@[website].com. You can see what format the emails available on a medical practice’s website take, find the name of the doctor you wish to contact, and recreate their email.

In some cases, a person might use only their first name. Other times, they use both first name and surname. The domain might also be different: .net, .co, .org, or .edu, to name a few.

There are also some free online tools (or at least they have free trials) that make the guesses for you. Some popular tools include Norbert, Hunter, Email Generator, and Clearbit Connect. You can use a tool like Email Checker to test the emails you create.

Uncovering That Coveted Doctor’s Email Address List

Getting a thorough doctor’s email address list relevant to your state is not always easy. However, if you have some time on your hands, an enthusiastic intern or junior employee to delegate to, it’s possible to compile a useable list by searching the internet for them or calling clinics.

Are you looking to save your marketing time and budget for paid advertising or other tasks? The Email List Company offers email lists that are up-to-date, comprehensive, and guaranteed accurate. We’ve been in the email list business for over 20 years!

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