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The cell phone has changed our lives in the way we communicate, interact with friends, take pictures, watch videos, conduct business, and perform everyday tasks. Now it’s going to change email marketing. 

84% of the world uses a smartphone* – that’s 6.6 billion people, and over 75% of internet users will access the internet solely with a smartphone by 2025.

Mobile marketing is big business and it’s just getting started. In 2021, mobile marketing revenue climbed to a record $223 billion worldwide. This number will surpass $339 billion by 2023, and the size of mobile marketing is expected to double by 2024, according to www.statista.com

There’s’ more. 52% of Americans don’t even use their phones to make calls anymore. They engage in nonvoice activities like social media, texts, pictures, videos, playing games…and looking at ads. Over half of internet users use their smartphones to buy products or services online.

Email marketers, take note. Mobile-optimized emails will soon be the norm. Experts say the mobile-first design will become the standard by the end of the year. That’s why you should make it your priority now.

1)  Determine what kind of mobile email marketing you want to run. Do you want a single image ad, video ad, carousel ad, or event ad? LinkedIn does a good job breaking it down: https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions

2)  Make sure your email is formatted properly for mobile. Mobile users are a particularly fickle audience; they will delete your email in less than 3 seconds if it’s poorly formatted. There are many articles that explain proper mobile email formatting. Here’s one:  www.bluefountainmedia.com/

The smartphone market just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Don’t miss out. It’s time to go mobile, email marketers!

*  “Smartphone” is the preferred spelling. “Smartphone” was used briefly when these devices first came out.

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