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Lead scoring is a method that ranks prospects with a scale representing the value for each lead. The resulting score is used to determine which leads will be the most promising. Lead scoring models use both explicit and implicit data:

Explicit data is provided by or about the prospect, like the size of the business, industry segment, job title or geographic location.

Lead scoring allows a business to customize a prospect’s experience based on their buying stage and interest level – and it greatly improves the quality and “readiness” of the leads.

The Best Leading Scoring Tools for 2023

Choosing the right lead-scoring software for your business can be challenging. We made it easy with the following list:


Outfunnel is ideal for B2B sales and marketing teams with a multi-tool set-up. Their customizable scoring tool brings all those data sources together inside your CRM, helping you sell to the right customer at the right time.


MadKudu takes the guesswork out, kicks data silos to the curb, and gives your product lead growth (PLG) team everything they need.


With Pocus, your inbox becomes a data-powered to-do list. The best opportunities go to the top, and an alert is sent to Slack to ensure you never miss a hot lead again. You can create playbooks for your sales team and build multiple flexible lead and customer scores.


Salespanel will automatically send your marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) to sales and sync with your CRM in real-time. It moves the lead further along your funnel with personalized content. Plus, it helps sales pick high-value freemium leads and nurture prospects to convert into a paid plan.


Freshsales combines everything you need from a CRM with powerful artificial intelligence to help you focus on the best leads and generate more opportunities.

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