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Email marketing is the leading marketing tool in terms of increasing ROI. Unfortunately, the average email open rate is only 18%. About 45% of marketers say competing for attention in the inbox is their top challenge, too.

Without a strong email marketing strategy, you could struggle to reach potential clients. As a realtor, it’s important to remain top-of-mind. Otherwise, home buyers and sellers might take their listings elsewhere.

Here are 10 email marketing tips you can use to engage your audience. With these tips, you can set your next email marketing campaign up for success.

Help your real estate business grow with these tips today!

1. Create a Lead Magnet

In order to use these email marketing tips, you first need to build your subscription list. Otherwise, you won’t have anyone to send emails to.

Start by adding a lead magnet to your real estate company website. A lead magnet will encourage people to exchange their email for exclusive content. For example, you can offer a neighborhood guide for people looking at specific listings.

Use a strong call to action to encourage them to provide their email. Then, your website visitors can fill out a form in exchange.

Make sure the form is short, concise, and easy to complete. Verify that your site is fast and mobile-optimized, too. Otherwise, you might struggle to gain subscribers.

You can also purchase email lists to get started immediately.

2. Have a Purpose

Take the time to plan out your email marketing strategy. Make sure each email you create has a clear purpose. Communicate that purpose within the:

  • Subject line
  • Preview text
  • Imagery
  • Headline
  • Call to action button
  • Body text

Maintain a consistent message to avoid confusing readers. They’ll have an easier time focusing on the single action you want them to complete, too.

3. Segment Your Lists

Before marketing with emails, take the time to segment your subscription lists. For example, you can group subscribers based on the neighborhoods they’re interested in.

Maybe you want to create different emails for single buyers versus families instead.

Then, write personalized emails with each group in mind. Personalization can make it easier for you to connect with your audience.

4. Design Your Emails

Don’t use a boring old template. Instead, design your emails to draw readers in. Include an image, headline, body text, and CTA button.

Maintain brand consistency as you begin designing your emails. Brand consistency can help awareness and recognition grow.

5. Go Mobile-Friendly

Many of your readers will open your real estate emails from their mobile devices. Make sure your emails are optimized for smaller screens.

For example, you can use white space and minimize how much text you use.

Place your strongest content above the fold and isolate your CTA buttons, too.

6. Write Stronger Subject Lines

Strong, compelling subject lines can help boost your open rate.

Make sure you highlight exactly what’s within the email. Try to intrigue readers by teasing the content. Otherwise, add a deadline to promote urgency.

7. Highlight Value

As you begin drafting your emails, make sure you’re providing subscribers with something of value. For example, perhaps you’re updating them about recent listings. Maybe you have tips for homeowners who want to sell this year.

Help your subscribers recognize the value only you can offer them. Then, use your CTA to direct them to contact you for more help.

8. Add Testimonials

Consider adding testimonials to your referral emails as well.

Feature a brief testimonial from one of your previous real estate clients. Then, ask your recent clients if they can refer you to a friend. Your former clients can read the testimonials before deciding to write their own referrals.

Adding testimonials to your emails can work as a subtle behavioral nudge.

Make sure to add a call to action to the bottom of your emails. Make it easier for people to post reviews by directing them to your Google Business profile.

Once you start generating more testimonials, make sure to thank your clients personally.

Generating more testimonials will boost your brand’s credibility. Future clients will have an easier time trusting your business as a result.

You can feature the social proof you begin generating on your website as well.

9. Use Automation

Streamline the entire process of marketing with emails using automation.

Automation will allow you to follow up with your leads without lifting a finger. You can continue sending emails after an initial interaction with a client. Then, your real estate business will remain at the forefront of your mind.

Following up with your leads could help you generate more paying clients.

10. Analyze and Adjust

Companies generate $42 for every dollar spent on email marketing. Unfortunately, your ROI won’t improve if your campaign isn’t improving first. After using these email marketing tips, take the time to review your campaigns.

Analyzing your analytics can help you make more effective marketing decisions in the future.

First, take a look at your open rate. Which email subject lines helped you generate the most opens? Make note of these tactics to use in the future.

Check your clickthrough rate as well. Determine which call to action language helped you generate clicks. Consider where the button was positioned as well.

Otherwise, think about the headlines, images, and body copy you used.

Start A/B testing to gather insights when marketing with emails. Then, use your data to improve your future campaigns. As you continue making improvements, your ROI will rise.

Then, you can use email marketing to generate more leads for your real estate business.

You’ve Got Mail: 10 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Realtors

Developing an effective email marketing strategy can help your real estate business grow. Make sure to use these email marketing tips as you get started. Then, make adjustments to your campaigns to continue generating leads.

Marketing with emails can help you remain top-of-mind as you continue growing your business.

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