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Remember the old saying, “The money is on the list?” The money is still there – you just have to know how to get it. You’ve built up a good email list over the years: friends, family, relatives, business contacts, old girlfriends, old boyfriends – but the list is just sitting there when it could be making money. Here’s how you can monetize it:


Affiliate marketing is where the action is. This is when a company pays a person to sell their product or service, and all you need is an email list. Make sure it’s a relevant product, or else you might alienate your contacts. You get a percentage, and it can be very profitable. Here are some good affiliate marketers: Flex Offers, Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, and Rakuten Network.


This is still affiliate marketing – but ClickBank does the work for you.     You can resell and upsell their products and they pay you quickly. Their products are good – vitamins, weight loss supplements, male enhancement products, diet books, and more. Simply sell their products to your contacts and make a big commission. Click here for details: ClickBank.com


An engaging newsletter is one of the best ways to make money with your email list. Plus, you can grow your audience significantly depending on how good the newsletter is. First, you need to come up with a strategy.

How are you going to be relevant and interesting? Think of something current and interesting: fashion, new trends for Generation Xers, your political opinions, bodybuilding tips for men, health advice for women, 4 ways to start your day, etc. Then find a newsletter software company to create it. Sendinblue.com will build you a newsletter for free with up to 300 emails per day.


Your email list can become a digital billboard with just a few clicks. You can charge brands to be in your newsletter. It can be a banner ad or a link to their website. If you’re emailing a graphic, it needs to be static with some content or it could go to spam. Don’t use a GIF or Flash because that might not reach your subscribers Jasmine Watts, email list marketing expert, will be happy to help:  bloggingmooneylife.com


If you don’t have a good organic email list and want to add followers or subscribers instantly, you can buy one. Don’t buy just any list, get one with a category you’re familiar with. If you know about cars, or if you have an automotive product to sell or give away (it can be as simple as an air freshener) then buy a car dealer email list. If you like woodworking or carpentry, buy a builder and contractor list. (You can send them free woodworking tips or a Carpenter Joke of the Day.) Find a provider that segments email addresses into categories you are familiar with.

The Email List Company breaks it down nicely into many categories.


If all else fails, and you have a good email list, you can rent or sell it. This is easy to do but not necessarily advisable because it can lead to complaints and opt-outs. If you have a valuable list, it could be worth big bucks for marketers. How do you rent or sell it? Go to indiemark.com and they will hook you up with retailers, event producers, publishers, and bloggers who will pay you for your list.

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