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You’re short of your monthly sales goal. You’re not going to make your month-end bonus. You only need 10 more sales, and the clock is ticking. What are you going to do? Cold calls? Please…that’s so yesterday. And besides, you’re sick of getting hung up on all the time. So what do you do? Here’s what you do…you get an up-to-date, targeted email list from a reliable list company that will download your list instantly. This Last Minute Email List can be a life saver when you are targeting specific audiences

The Email List Company has exactly what you’re looking for.  They have current, comprehensive lists for a vast range of business categories. Their lists are updated every 30 days and they have a time stamp on all of them. They segment businesses so you can target exactly who you want with pinpoint accuracy.

Plus, their database is constantly cleaned and updated, so you never get any duplicates, old domains, opt-outs, or bouncebacks. They’re open 24/7 365 days a year so if your boss says he needs a sale by first thing in the morning, they’re right there to help. And all their lists are instantly downloadable. There’s no wait, no paperwork or back-and-forth. Because, just like you, they know time is money.

These are just some of the reasons The Email List Company has been the #1 trusted source for marketing lists for over 20 years.

If you need a list right this minute, contact Ian at The Email List Company and get it instantly – and good luck hitting your sales goal.

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