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Email marketing is different from social media, SEO, and ad campaigns in many ways. Most importantly, it’s almost certain that people will see your email. On average, business professionals check their emails 15 times per day, making email one of the best ways to drive engagement from your target audience.

You can’t get instant gratification like that anywhere else, and the only barrier is building a marketing list. Here’s how to do that!

1. Direct Outreach to Potential Clients

Email campaigns are arguably the best marketing channel you have for reaching potential clients. If you want to reach real estate agents in your area, email is a great way to reach them, as most agents check their emails periodically throughout the day. Email is the bread and butter for B2B marketing.

Diversifying your marketing channels is essential. Much of your audience may not use social media every day, your content may not appear on their feed, or they may unfollow you.

Also, not everybody pays attention to ads, and SEO content requires them to visit your website. None of these are guarantees, and you can only reach such a wide audience with these channels. Conversely, email allows you to directly reach out to potential clients and build a rapport with them.

2. Establishing Repeat Business

Building a client base is half the battle, keeping them is the other. Fortunately, it’s easier to retain existing customers than it is to build new ones.

Moreover, if you work with real estate agents regularly, then keeping them up to date with your latest offers, discounts, and news is a great way to stay relevant.

3. Email Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Did you know that email offers the highest average ROI of any marketing channel? On average, email campaigns generate $42 for every dollar spent.

Once you have the right email list, all you have to do is change some images and write a few lines of copy with a strong call to action. The only barrier to long-term marketing savings is building your marketing email list.

4. You Own Your Email List

Once you have your email list, it’s yours. Nobody can take it from you. While you can get booted from social media at any time, your email provider can’t take away your mailing list.

Consequently, a relevant email list can be one of your most valuable assets. It only depends on its quality and how you choose to use it.

5. Emails Are Customizable

When sending out emails, you can personalize them for individual real estate brokers or agents. This personalization directly leads to more sales on average. Recipients are 26% more likely to open an email that’s personalized!

Moreover, you can base this on the basics like their names, company names, or regions. However, you can also take it a step further by personalizing emails based on previous purchases or history with your business. What other marketing channel allows for this at such a scale?

How to Build an Effective Email Marketing List

First, it’s important to remember that organic marketing like email takes time. Don’t expect immediate results. Nevertheless, here’s how to build an email marketing list of real estate agents.

Leave Prompts on Your Website

Assuming you have a website where agents can purchase your products or services, make sure you have prompts for them to sign up for your email campaigns. You can even make this the default at checkout when they input their information. This will help you build an organic list over time but don’t expect immediate results.

Build Your Professional Network

When doing business with real estate agents or other professionals, try to build a list of their contact information over time. No, this won’t happen overnight, but it will build a list of satisfied customers that you can reach out to later on. Retaining existing customers is often far more cost-effective than building new ones!

Offer Quality Content

Offering real estate agents the information they want is a great way to build an organic following. You can even recycle existing blog content through your email efforts. Just remember to offer useful information.

For example, offering tips on marketing, accounting, or whatever services you offer is a great way to start. Real estate agents always look for new techniques and strategies, so offering this is a great way to grow and retain subscribers. You can even offer options when subscribing so users can choose the type of content they want to receive.

Buy a Pre-Made List

To get a jumpstart on your campaign, you can always buy a list of email addresses and user data. This will give you the audience you need to start seeing high returns, more leads, and fewer ad expenses. All of the work is already done for you, so you won’t have to wait to continue building an organic list over time.

Seriously, you can purchase email lists for nearly every industry, whether you want to reach doctors, lawyers, or realtors. Buy a real estate agent mailing list today and get started on your campaign!

Build Your Marketing List Today

Now that you know how to build an email marketing list, put these tips to use right away. While an organic strategy can’t happen overnight, you can give yourself the boost you need now and start earning as soon as possible. From there, sustaining your campaign is much easier!

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