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Who doesn’t want to send out a perfect email campaign? Well – there’s no such thing as absolutely “perfect” but we’ll help you make a near-perfect email marketing campaign, and an email checklist is a good place to start. Here are 5 tried-and-true steps so you can send out a email marketing campaign that gets results:

#1 Develop A Strategy
Who is your target audience? This is the first thing you need to ask yourself. Who are your current customers? Who will benefit from your products or services? Who are your competition’s customers? Identify your audience and determine what you want to sell and when you want to sell it. Define and refine your strategy – then check #1 off the list.

#2 Send an Invitation
This is the best way to avoid opt-outs or angry recipients. Send them a friendly invite. You can ask permission from your audience by using opt-in forms on y our landing pages. Once they fill out the forms you can be sure they are o pen to receiving emails and will even be looking forward to your emails. As long as you keep your content fresh and your email campaigns relevant, you will have a loyal, engaged following. It is also important to include discounts and coupons.

#3 Verify Your Contacts
Verify your contacts by sending a test email and check for bounces. You should validate the email address syntax – l earn more here. Email verification will help identify mistakes, misspelled emails and obsolete data. This is an important way to keep your email list fresh and engaging, so you get a higher open rate, more sales, and a better conversion rate. Learn more about email lists here.

#4 Segment Your List
Your email list should be segmented so you can send your audience targeted emails. You can group users by their responses or purchases and then send them applicable offers. When you segment your audience, you are more likely to reach a perfect contact. 

#5 Write and Test Your Email Campaign
Provide value every time you write your campaign. Write a killer subject line and keep your content friendly, relevant, and interesting. Add a call-to- action then do an A/B test. Here’s a good article about how to write a good email list – content people will love reading.

Your email campaign may not be perfect the first time, but as they say – practice makes perfect.

If you’ve checked off all five steps on the list, then you should be able to create a flawless email campaign. If you still need help, or if you want to purchase an email list that will target your audience with laser-like precision, contact the experts at The Email List Company.

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