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Experts say that artificial intelligence (AI) could replace up to 8 in 10 jobs in the next few years. Will your job be one of them?

The rise of advanced AI will upend the white-collar job market and result in a large number of workers who will be forced out of their professions, says Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, the Google-owned AI lab.

“Unquestionably, many of the tasks in white-collar land will look very different in the next five to 10 years,” Suleyman said to the Financial Times.

If you’re an email marketer, you might be shaking in your boots (or sandals) right now. No doubt, you already use some form of automated programming to assist you with your email marketing,

But, as the saying goes, If you can’t beat them, join them. There’s no way you’re going to beat AI – especially with the way it’s advancing so rapidly. So, here are some ways you can join:



Mailmodo brings all your email marketing to one place. They define themselves as a single platform to create, send, and automate.

Mailmodo builds interactive email experiences on AMP email (Accelerated Mobile Pages.) Unlike traditional HTML emails, users can act within their inboxes. By letting users act inside the email, they can convert from the email itself.

You can automate your emails with Mailmodo’s pre-built journeys and add forms and widgets to emails without coding. And you can do this by using drag-and-drop workflows using their visual builder. Plus, you can create automated campaigns to send time-sensitive, customized emails.



Sendinblue is an intuitive email marketing platform for growing businesses. It incorporates AI and automation into your email marketing processes so you can focus on other important tasks.

You can create a professional-looking email in minutes. Sendinblue has an extensive email template library, or you can build a new design from scratch. Then you add the style you want by using a proprietary drag-and-drop builder to match your brand and dazzle your readers.



Omnisend is an easy-to-use B2C email marketing, SMS, and automation platform. You can engage your shoppers wherever they are with integrated email and SMS campaigns. All templates are built-in and 100% customizable so that you can give your customers a personalized experience through a single platform.



Optimove is a relationship marketing hub that crosses multiple marketing channels, with a strong emphasis on AI optimization to automatically improve marketing performance.

Their software includes Optimail, a proprietary email personalization and delivery platform that uses cutting-edge, AI-powered machine learning that tracks over 90% of all commercial emails sent globally.

Optimail/Optimove automatically monitors behavior and adjusts the messages to drive leads and customers toward your business goals.



EmailOctopus is an email marketing software solution if you want simplicity and performance. From campaign analytics views and granular subscriber interactions to powerful integrations with Shopify, Gravity Forms, and WordPress, EmailOctopus makes it easier and more affordable than ever.

EmailOctopus offers a wide range of simple, powerful tools to grow your business, grow your list, engage your audience, and get results.

Don’t be one of the 8 out of 10 who loses their job. Learning to leverage AI so it works for you and not against you will help you survive and thrive – and help save your job. Plus, learning everything you can about AI and all its ramifications is critical. For more information about AI and email marketing, click here.