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There are hundreds of marketing list providers out there, but there’s only one Email List Company. This company has been providing marketers with superior email lists for over 20 years. With the Email List Company, you get a high-quality list of prospects with a clean database so you can target your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

If you’re in the market for a new email list, keep reading and you’ll see why the Email List Company is the best choice for email lists in 2023.

The Email List Company For 2023


How often is your email list updated and – more importantly– validated and verified? These are critical questions to ask before making your purchase. The provider you may be considering could be selling you a list that is years old. That would make it obsolete, especially in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing economy.

A time stamp, date stamp or code adds value to your purchase. Very few companies go through this rigorous process to prove that their lists are up to date. This is one good reason to choose the Email List Company. Their lists are constantly updated, and they have a time stamp on all of them.


With the Email List Company, you can target your audience with pinpoint precision. Their high-quality lists are up-to-date and verified – with one of the best accuracy rates in the business. Other list providers may have high bounce rates and undeliverables that are red flags for service providers and your emails might get lost in the spam folder.


You need an email list with a reliable database. A database is an organized collection of data stored and accessed electronically. Clean data makes a big difference in your sales and marketing results. The Email List Company’s servers and software are running 24/7 to verify and test data – and ensure a clean database. Drilling down your list saves time and money.


Email lists should be verified, validated – and segmented so you can target specific categories, and reach users more directly and intelligently. All the Email List Company’s lists can be custom segmented specifically to your needs.

According to Lyris’s Annual Email Optimizer Report, marketers that use email segmentation have a 24% higher open rate. Subscribers want content that is relevant to their likes and dislikes – and it can create a seamless customer experience.


The Email List Company offers real-time reporting & analytics with their email send service to maximize return on Investment. This proprietary email send service is exclusive to the Email List Company and is another reason to choose them over the competition.


The Email List Company is available at all times, every day to answer and resolve your questions, via live chat, phone, or email. They back up every list they sell so you have an exceptional buying experience.

The Email List Company will beat any competitors’ prices. If you have an offer from another provider, bring it to them – they will beat it – so you not only get the best list, you also get the best price.  

Want more proof? Contact our friendly experts and they’ll give you a few more reasons why the Email List Company is your best choice for 2023.