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Are you looking for a real estate agent list so you can build your network and reach more potential homebuyers?

If you work in real estate, you know that real estate is a competitive business. This means that real estate agents have a lot on their plate, and you need to check in on them to make it on top of their list. Creating email lists to advertise to clients is a great way to reach out to many real estate agents at once.

Did you know that 95% of leads converted into sales come from the sixth follow-up call?

Real estate email lists are great for you to keep reminding agents that you have something worth their time. Doing this in a manual way can be time-consuming, so it is best to have an automated system.

Still not convinced? Read on and learn why this kind of marketing is so effective in getting higher sales.

What Makes Real Estate Email Lists So Effective

There’s no doubt that social media marketing is key to a successful business. However, did you know that Email marketing is 40x more effective in reaching your target audience? In addition, professionals are more likely to check their emails as soon as they wake up.

This is because an email list allows you to speak in a direct way to your target clients. This helps establish and build a more meaningful relationship. This also makes it easier for your agents to reach out to you.

1. Helps You Reach More Real Estate Agents

You might think social media will give you more reach, but this is wrong. Not every professional is on social media, and you can reach more agents with the help of email lists. Everyone needs email accounts to do work and create a social media account.

More professionals use email, especially for work purposes. To make your email marketing campaign as effective as possible, ensure that you send it to an active email.

Emails should not only advertise your services but provide value to your clients. Having a good call to action on every email you send out enables you to get more engagement and reach other people. Having content that clients will read and share is a great way to get free marketing.

2. Email Lists Have Proven to be More Effective Than Social Media Marketing

Most people scroll through whatever is on their timeline. But people take time to read emails that show up in their inboxes. With email lists, there’s a guarantee that your targeted audience receives your message.

It’s true that social media reaches a broader audience, but it may not even reach your target audience. A one-on-one relationship with real estate agents is only possible with email lists. This is effective in establishing better engagement and trust with real estate agents.

Another big plus is that social media has a lot of rules you have to follow, which don’t apply to email lists. With email lists, you are more in control of what you want to send out and the kind of relationship you can build.

3. Better Lead Conversion Rate

As mentioned, emails give you a direct connection to your target audience. Other forms of marketing don’t have this level of specificity. You might be able to create an ad for Florida, but not for real estate agents in Florida.

With the use of algorithms, you can reach your target audience. Good emails have a click-through rate of 3%, which is a whopping 3x higher than other digital ads. A curated, niche email list will likely get you more agents and sales.

4. Establishes a Relationship with Your Clients

With millions of businesses catered to help real estate agents, it is hard to stand out. Agents may look into other services to compare the quality of service. A great way to stand out is by establishing a relationship with your agents.

A great way to foster better relationships is through personalized messages. For instance, you can set up a happy birthday email. You can also give them exclusive tips and information that can help them.

5. Access to Niche Analytics

Most social media platforms offer analytics for your accounts. But your account following might not consist of your target audience. This makes the analytics useless in helping your business.

Having a niche email list gives you direct insight into your target audience. You can get information on how long they read your email and how often you get click-through rates. This feedback can help you create better ways to market to your target audience.

Get Effective Automated Real Estate Email Lists From The Email List Company

There are many companies that offer email services out there. But how many can give you direct access to your target audience? The Email List Company knows how important it is to make an up-to-date and accurate email list.

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With The Email Company, you can have your very own dedicated account manager. You will also get insight into industry criteria for making your email lists. If you want a content-based and tailor-made email list, hire The Email List Company.

Create Real Estate Email Lists Today

Here’s why email marketing is the best way to reach your target audience. A successful email marketing campaign can guarantee more click-through rates and potential sales. So why stop when you can get real estate email lists here?

Give yourself a leg up in the real estate industry with a list of the people you want. That’s where the Emai List Company steps in. Contact us today and get email lists sure to get results.

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