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No. Drip marketing isn’t advertising by a plumber who wants to fix your drain. It is an automated set of emails that send or “drip” messages to customers over a specific amount of time. The drips or messages are pre-written emails that enable you to stay in touch with your audience. Drip campaigns are an ideal way to keep your audience updated about new products or services, upcoming events, and anything newsworthy about your business. Drip marketing is different from other kinds of email marketing because the timing of the messages follows a pre-determined sequence, and the messages are dripped in a series that is specific to the behavior or nature of the recipient. They save time and money because the email campaigns are pre-written and automated. OK – so how do you set up a drip campaign? Mailchimp breaks It down nicely, They will even start up a drip marketing campaign for you.

  1. First, choose the specific action you want your drip campaign to do and when you want it to start
  2. Identify your audience. Will your first drip campaign go to a new audience or only those who have already made a purchase?
  3. Write a message for your drip email Keep the message short and make it friendly. Your drip campaign should be consistent with your product or service.
  4. Measure your results and adjust your campaign. Monitor how your emails are performing, and their click and conversion rates, and make changes accordingly.
  5. Manage your drip emails and tweak your copy when it goes out of date. Review all your campaigns to make sure they stay fresh.

This is a short summary of one of the most impactful and cost-effective ways to send out email campaigns. If you do it properly, you can reap big dividends. For additional help or tips, don’t hesitate to contact Ian at The Email List Company. He will be happy to assist you for free.

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