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Email (mailing) lists are dedicated lists of people who marketers send information and advertising to. Before the internet, there was direct mail – ads that were sent to customers by regular mail. Direct mail has been around for decades. It is often referred to as junk mail.

Today, email marketing is a $1.6 billion business. The market is expected to reach $2.53 billion in the next few years. There are 4.26 billion active email users and thousands of email marketing agencies and email list companies.

Doctor and healthcare marketers have been using email marketing for years to sell pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. It is a very profitable business, and the competition is fierce.

How Mailing Lists Work
Here are some tips how a doctor and healthcare worker email list can help. Good lists offer many opportunities for marketers – they allow you to connect with subscribers and inform them about relevant news, timely events, products and services.

You can send a one-off email, a sales email, a drip email, or an email newsletter. They can be a series of automated email campaigns customized or segmented based on your marketing data. Today, AI drives a lot of email marketing that automatically sends email campaigns based on a doctor’s or healthcare workers buying history.

The email marketing business is evolving rapidly. If you market to doctors, you need an email list that changes rapidly too – one that is constantly updated and verified. You need a doctor and healthcare worker email list from The Email List Company.

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