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Not all email lists are the same. There are plenty of companies out there where you can buy an email list for your business– but there are only a few worth your time and dime.

First, a reminder that email marketing is still the #1 go-to for online marketing. 91% of online consumers check their email inbox every day. And when compared to social media sites, email marketing campaigns yield a 50-100 time higher click-through rate.

By a simple process of elimination, we narrowed down the best email list website and made the selection process easy.

How often are the lists updated, validated, and verified? Does the email list company have a time stamp? The company you’re buying an email list from could be selling you a list that is years old. That would make it obsolete in today’s fast-moving world of business.

A time stamp, date stamp or code adds value to your purchase. This is one reason why we like the Email List Company. Their lists are updated every 30 days. They have a time stamp on all of them, and the lists are highly targeted. Plus, you can download email lists instantly with the Email List Company. There’s no waiting around because – as every marketer knows – time is money.

Is the email list you are going to buy segmented? A segmented email list is essential for targeting your audience. This is another reason we like the Email List Company. All of their lists are segmented, so you reach the right customers at the right time.

Here are some other reasons we like the Email List Company. They will customize a list to your specific needs so you can get faster results and conversions. This translates into more sales and a better ROI.

They also offer real-time reporting & analytics with their email send service to maximize return on Investment. This proprietary email send service is exclusive to the Email List Company and sets them apart from the competition.

They have a 24/7 call center with a friendly, professional staff to answer and resolve your questions. Finally, they are competitively priced. The Email List Company will beat any offer or price, so you not only get a good email list, you also get one that’s inexpensive.

What is the best website for email lists? When all is said and done, and the comparisons are put side-by-side, the Email List Company comes out on top. We believe that The Email List Company is the best email list provider for your business. Check them out!

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