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The numbers are in for the best-selling vehicles in 2022 and there’s one big surprise: Tesla came in sixth place. Trucks led America’s top-selling vehicles again, but Tesla cracked the top 10 for the first time, beating out GMC Sierra, Honda CR-V, and other longtime favorites.

Tesla reported delivering about 1.25 million Model Y and Model 3 vehicles globally in 2022 – a growth of 40% over the previous year. The Model Y came in sixth place with 252,000 units and the Model 3 ranked 13th in sales at 211,641 units, according to Motor Intelligence, the auto data company.

Michelle Krebs, the senior analyst for Cox Automotive, said: “It’s no surprise that Tesla ranks that high. The brand, despite all the news and stuff, still dominates the EV market and it dominates the luxury market. A lot of that strength comes from the Model Y.”

The “..news and stuff..” must refer to Elon Musk buying Twitter, sinking Tesla stock, angry shareholders, and negative press about Musk by the left.

In spite of this, the Tesla brand not only survived but thrived. It dominates the electric vehicle market as other EV manufacturers scramble to catch up.

The top ten selling vehicles by unit sales for 2022, according to CNBC:

  1. Ford F-Series: 653,957 units – down 9.9% from 2021             
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: 513,354 – down 1.2%    
  3. Ram pickup: 468,344 – down 17.7%
  4. Toyota RAV4: 399,941 – down 1.9%
  5. Toyota Camry: 295,201 – down 5.9%
  6. Tesla Model Y: 252,000 – up 32.4%
  7. GMC Sierra: 241,522 – down 3%
  8. Honda CR-V: 238,155 – down 34.1%
  9. Toyota Tacoma: 237,323 – down 6%
  10. Jeep Grand Cherokee: 223,345 – down 15.5%

In total, 2022 sales of 13,899,871 units were down 7.8% from 2021. Truck and SUV full-year sales were down 6.4% to 10,920,758 units, and passenger car sales were down 12.8% to 2,979,113.

The overall takeaway? It was a bad year for the automotive industry, except for EV’s – with Tesla the leader of the pack.

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