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The US real estate industry is a bustling marketplace with a combined net worth of $34.3 trillion. While the large market is great for business, it’s not so great on the competitive front. So many participants mean realtors have to stay on their toes to keep up with the competition. Smart realtors use digital marketing forms to get an edge over the rest. By digital marketing, we mean techniques like PPC ads, social media, and, of course, email marketing. Don’t get us wrong, other digital marketing strategies work, but the benefits of email marketing make it a top contender for marketing real estate. If you don’t believe us, keep reading and we’ll convince you otherwise. Today’s post will be highlighting the incredible benefits of email marketing for realtors.

Gives You Full Control of Your Marketing

Email marketing gives you more control of the marketing process than other forms of digital marketing. Let’s say you decide to market the property via Instagram and Facebook. You have very little control over who gets to see your ads or social media posts. There’s a chance you might be marketing your properties to teenagers who have no clue what real estate is. Email marketing, on the other hand, gives you full control over who gets to see your listings. That’s because all the emails you send will be sent to people on your email list. With other forms of digital marketing, you’re leaving your fate to the algorithm; which is basically winging it. Take full control of your marketing with email marketing.

Saves Time

Email allows you to save time by communicating with hundreds or thousands of people at once. You can send out a broadcast email to your entire email list and everyone will get the message. It saves you the time and trouble of having to create multiple messages for all your customers or prospects.

Everybody Uses Email

Other forms of digital marketing are great, but they don’t cover all demographics. Email marketing, on the other hand, cuts across the board. Everybody, from adolescents to senior citizens, uses email worldwide. In fact, there are over 4.03 billion email users across the world, in a population of 7.9 billion. If you want to convey your message to the right people, email is just what the doctor ordered.

Email Feels More Intimate

It’s not uncommon for people to breeze through their social media and internet pages. Let’s face it, people pay little to no attention to social media ads that don’t concern them. Plus, most people hate video ads that interrupt their viewing experience. Email marketing allows realtors to convey their value proposition effectively. That’s because, with emails, you’ll be addressing the recipients directly. They can open the email and see whatever you have to say or offer. What’s more, you can take it up a notch and create personalized emails for your prospects. These customized emails will read like letters specifically for the prospect in question. They can help form solid relationships with prospects that translate into promising leads.

Allows Notifications for New Listings

With email marketing, realtors can attach new listings to every email they send out. That way, prospects can receive notifications every time you have a new listing. This is one of the most effective email marketing strategies for selling properties. However, it’s up to you to make sure your emails reach the right target audience. There’s no use sending out listings to people who live hundreds of miles away from the properties. This leads us to the next point.

Email Marketing Lets You Segment Your Audience

One of the greatest things about email marketing is that it lets you segment your audience. This means you can split your audience into groups and send specific emails to each group. Here’s a good example of email segmenting in action. Let’s say someone subscribes to your email list for your marketing content or newsletters. They attended an open house you prepared and would love to learn more about your company. Although they didn’t make any offers, they’re still interested in your properties. Let’s say another person subscribes to your email list to help them buy a new home. They finally buy a house from you after sending out emails on a regular basis. Although both subscribers fall into the cluster of your target audience, you can’t send them the same emails. The first subscriber would love to know more about what properties you offer and their prices. The second one is more interested in information about renovations and home improvements or referral programs. Email marketing allows realtors to customize the emails they send out for each group. You can segment your target audience in any way you choose, and send out relevant emails to them.

You Can Educate Your Target Audience

One edge email marketing has over other forms of marketing is the ability to educate its target audience. There’s not much you can say in a paid ad copy that can only fit 30 characters inside it. In such cases, you can only state the property name and location, then let the images do the rest of the talking. Emails have no limit to how many characters you can have in them. That means you can delve into as many details as you want about the property in question. The additional information will go a long way toward generating new leads that convert into actual sales. What’s more, you can always embed links into the emails that direct recipients to your website. From your website, they can learn more about the property and explore other similar listings.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Simplified

With all these benefits of email marketing, now is the best time to kick off your email marketing campaign. Make sure you craft a solid email marketing strategy to have the greatest effect on your target audience. Contact us today and we can get started on your email list and email marketing campaign.

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