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Taglines used to be the foundation of advertising. Ad agencies would spend days, even weeks thinking up memorable lines for their products. They came up with amazing slogans like: “Chevy- Like a Rock.” “I Love What You Do For Me – Toyota” “Nike – Just Do It,” “Burger King – Have It Your Way.” And on and on. These lines separated their products from the competition, they “branded” the product in the consumer’s mind, and they did it in a memorable and emotional way

Not anymore. With the domination of digital marketing, those catchy taglines are a thing of the past. That’s because the memorability factor with internet advertising is virtually non-existent. Can you remember a product that was advertised online? Can you name a digital marketing company that has a catchy tagline or campaign?

As ad budgets have moved from traditional advertising to the digital world, great brand advertising has disappeared. The digital marketing budget will be $285 billion in 2022. Display, banners, pop-ups, retargeting, and paid search ads are measured by tracking and click-throughs.

Some say your website is your brand – just add a slogan to it, but that’s nonsense. There are 7,865 digital marketing agencies today according to industry researcher IBISWorld, and how many of these are you familiar with? We bet you can only name the one that was referred to you by word-of-mouth.

Others say the new branding is by building relationships with email marketing – and gaining as many subscribers as you can. This may be true, but the work involved is enormous – especially if you are rolling out a new product. Unless you are multi-channeling with TV, streaming, social or radio.

The internet has made it virtually impossible to create an unforgettable, hummable, memorable tagline that sticks in your head and plays on repeat for hours on end. There is no more “Where’s The Beef?” or “Got Milk?

We searched around for some catchy digital taglines, but only came up with a few:

Konrad – A digital production company. Born Digital

Nebo – A digital marketing company. A Human-Centered Agency Built for The Digital Age
AutoBlog – A car blogging site. We obsessively cover the auto industry.
YouTube – The video sharing service. Broadcast Yourself.
Consumerist – A consumer advocate website. Shoppers bite back.

The Email List Company – An email list service. The #1 Trusted
Source for Marketing Lists

There are more, for sure, but you get the point. The golden age of taglines has gone the way of traditional advertising. But you still need that anchor, the indelible line that wraps your product or service up into a nice, neat package.

The super creative agencies will find a way to break through and make digital advertising memorable. Yesterday’s agencies showed us how to do it, and today’s marketers can learn a thing or two from them.

Don’t give up, copywriters. Taglines that create an emotional response and connect a brand with its audience are still out there.

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