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Well, they just banned the incandescent light bulb. They’re about to outlaw your gas stove. Now they want to take your car away.

It’s all about “climate change.” The climate is always changing but progressive Democrats – who control the federal government – are ramming this ideology down our throats.

Climate change activists have set their sights on other household items too; water heaters, dishwashers, air conditioners, barbecue stoves, and even toasters. Here’s what’s going on with cars…

Money Pit

Car manufacturers are losing billions on electric vehicles (EVs). Ford predicts it will lose $4.5 billion on EVs this year. They lose nearly $60,000 for every electric vehicle sold. GM hasn’t been as transparent as Ford – but their losses will be just as bad. Chevy loses $7,400 for every Chevy Bolt that they sell.

EVs have been estimated at up to 45 percent more expensive to produce than internal combustion engines (ICE), with a third of the cost attributed to the battery. For now, clean cars are a money pit.

Timothy P. Carney, senior columnist at the Washington Examiner, says carmakers and policymakers desperately want people to buy plug-in electric cars, but they have a problem: drivers don’t share the same passion.

Almost 100,000 plug-in EVs are sitting on dealer lots, and Ford is slashing the price of its electric pickup truck. Demand from drivers is simply not keeping up with the dreams of the corporate and political elites. Bank of America reported that “consumers are happy with their ICE vehicles and don’t want EVs.”

So, the government is doing everything it can to discourage you from buying and driving a gas-powered (ICE) car.

The Light Bulb Treatment

That’s what Tim Carney calls it. The good old Edison (incandescent) light bulb was just outlawed by the federal government – against our will.

The New York Times said: “Over the years, the government and the lighting industry tried to move consumers on to products like halogen and compact fluorescents. But no amount of subsidy or ‘green’ branding has managed to woo consumers away from the Edison light bulb.”

But the Biden administration finally banned it on August 1st, 2023, effectively outlawing the sale of the common incandescent light bulb and replacing them with LED bulbs in order to “save energy.”

Cars will get the light bulb treatment soon. All internal combustion engines manufactured, sold, and driven today will be illegal to make, import, or sell by 2035.

California (Mis) Leads The Way

There’s an old saying: “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation.” We hope not. High taxes, crime, drugs, violence, corruption, and homelessness have decimated the state. The California Dream has turned into a nightmare – and it’s getting worse.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) – through executive order – banned the sale of gasoline-powered cars starting in 2035. Was there any opposition? Not In California, because it’s a one-party state ruled by the Democrats.

The once-powerful commercial trucking industry made a deal with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that will relax some requirements. Semi-truck (big rig) manufacturers won’t file legal challenges over California’s controversial zero-emission mandate, and in return, CARB will modify some of their stringent regulations.

What About the Feds

The federal ban on gasoline-powered cars will not be so direct. They will ban gasoline-powered cars by setting efficiency standards that cannot be met by existing technology.

Federal law currently allows the Transportation Department to set corporate average fuel economy standards for cars, according to Mr. Carney. Car manufacturers can sell cars that don’t meet the 28 MPG standard currently in place except the average fuel economy of all cars sold needs to be 28 miles per gallon.

But the Biden administration has dialed it all the way up to 40 MPG, which makes it much more difficult for carmakers to make bigger, heavier cars — because for every 20 MPG car it sells, the automaker must now sell two 50 MPG cars. Raise the average MPG standard high enough and you effectively outlaw all but the most fuel-efficient gasoline-powered cars.

Pickup trucks face a similar fate. On April 12, 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposal to revise existing standards that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty vehicles in the model year 2027 and set new, more stringent standards beginning in 2028.

How do they get away with it? By enacting regulations and executive orders that completely bypass Congress. The EPA, Department of Energy (DEA), and Department of Transportation are spearheading this unconstitutional assault. Congressional representatives from Texas, which leads the nation in pickup truck sales, and Wyoming, the state with the most pickup trucks on the road  – have absolutely no say about any of these new rules.

The mismatch between the Washington elite and the average American gets worse. The battle against gas-powered cars and fossil fuels rages on, car manufacturers continue hemorrhaging money, and the government that is supposed to be for the people by the people no longer gives a damn what you want or think.