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It’s hard to imagine a world without email. There’s never been a marketing tool like it. Over 293 billion emails are sent out every day. There are over 4.2 billion email users, and it’s expected to be a $7 billion industry in 2022. And this is going to be the future of email marketing.

But technology is moving so quickly it’s hard to keep up. The tech you’re using today could be obsolete tomorrow. So what’s going to happen to this powerful form of marketing?

Relax, email marketing isn’t going anywhere soon. There will be big changes like automation, AI, interactive email, and user-generated content – but email marketing will not only survive but thrive. Here are some predictions about email marketing’s future, thanks to Business News Daily.


Marketing expert Kent Lewis says: AI will “bring new and improved capabilities to email marketing that will not only ensure that campaigns comply with privacy regulations but will also give small businesses the tools to create major campaigns without big budgets.”

Cloud-based computing will also play a big role in the next few years. Marketing agencies like Sendinblue, Zoho and Octane Online Marketing will help businesses lower costs and make professional email campaigns affordable for everyone.


Email marketing experts think that interactive emails will be the trend in the coming years. That means you could be seeing emails that look and operate like actual web experiences, and email marketing could become portals to products or services.

“The more interactive you can make something, the more people look forward to using it,” says Zarar Ameen, CEO of CANZ Marketing. “There’s tons of space for email marketing to grow in terms of interactivity.”

Kent Lewis says, “interactive components could pull user-generated content into emails dynamically, creating more compelling storytelling and increasing read and engagement rates.”


Personalizing your email campaigns will be more important than ever. People want their specific needs to be met and personalizing your email provides that. Epsilon Research says that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience.


Customers are more likely to buy products that other people recommend. It’s easy to implement this – simply send emails after purchases that ask customers to leave reviews preferably with photos.


Everybody loves a good story, and if your business has one, your email marketing plans should show that. Tech expert Tasmin Lockwood says, “Customers want to cement their relationship with a brand. Newsletters give insight to employees, culture, social consciousness, and plans for the future. The customer feels like they are on a journey alongside the company.”


A good email list will be just as important in the future as it is today. Make sure it’s up to date and verified. Updated lists will always be essential in the ever-changing business world. Buying from a reputable source like the Email List Company will ensure that you’re getting up to date, high-quality lists.

The future of email marketing looks good – at least for now. And if you want  advice or assistance with your email marketing today, contact the experts at Octane Online Marketing.

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