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Supercharged Subject Lines

Do your subject lines suck?

An eye-catching subject line is essential. This single line of text determines if your email gets opened or not, and 47% of people surveyed say they open emails based on the subject line alone.

Here are some of tried and true, results-proven subject lines that will boost your open rates and supercharge your sales.

The shortest email you’ll ever get

Now taking bets..

The Results Are In

It Looks Like You Didn’t Apply Our Discount

Re: Your Inquiry

This is not an email blast

Delete after reading  (Like it’s top secret)

Thanks for your order (When you didn’t order anything)

82% Off Opportunity (I’m rarely this generous…)

Re: Your ORDER Daniel

Yes. I am desperate

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Read This Before 10PM

Where Should We Send it?

Are You Sitting Down?

Hope you’re sitting down

Did my email get into your inbox?

Subject: No Subject

Unreceived Message

Sorry. It’s back up now


Missed message

Just announced!




Shocking News!

Hurry! Your offer expires today

(Name), check out these hand-picked deals for you

What’s all the fuss about (this mystery email?)

These offers… for THOSE prices?! Unbelievable!

A surprise waiting to be unwrapped

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