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A subject line has an important job – to get the reader to open the email. If your email doesn’t get opened, Shakespeare could write it and it wouldn’t do any good. So how do you write a killer subject line? Personalize it, create a sense of urgency, pique their curiosity, get clever, use humor, keep it simple.

Approximately 319 billion emails will be sent and received in 2021. Over 333 billion emails will be sent in 2022. The average person gets 130-140 business emails every day. Wowzers! Our MotorCycle Dealers Email List will help you to reach the targeted people, which helps us to market our product and increases the revenue.

How are you going to stand out? Get in the door? Catch their eye? How are you going to break on through to the other side? (Credit to Jim Morrison). Our list includes Real-time reporting & analytics with our email send service, to maximize Return on Investment.

First, make sure you’re sending it to the right people. DUH. Two, segmentation – break your contacts into groups so you can send targeted messages. And three, make sure you have a killer subject line. This single line of text determines if your email gets opened or not – whether you thrive or survive, live, or die. And 35% of people surveyed say they open emails based on the subject line alone.

Many subject lines try to give it all away upfront. Or they try to say too much, and the email ends up going in the dumpster. Less is more!

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