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Are you wondering about the value of marketing to doctors via an email list? Research shows that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for attracting new patients. Email marketing has a 42% return on investment on average. Doctors crave convenience, so it’s no wonder they love to receive emails rather than other forms of marketing communication. This means you have to work harder to stand out. Keep reading to see how you can leverage email marketing to physicians by considering a doctors’ email list.

The Benefits of Email Marketing to Physicians

Marketers today have to get more done with less. They have a tight budget and must find a way to connect with their target audience on a personal level. One surefire way to achieve this is through email marketing, which connects businesses with customers and prospects in a highly targeted manner and delivers ROI and revenue back to the business.

1. Reach a Larger Audience

You may think that looking at the number of active social media and internet users, email marketing can’t possibly have a larger audience, and you’d be right. In the digital world, email is the currency, and everyone has an active email address. You need an email address to sign up for just about everything online, and depending on the information that goes along with an email address, you can target just about anybody.

2. Email Trumps in Delivery Department

If you compare email marketing to social media, in this particular instance, you would see that not all of the people who like a Facebook page will see every post. It all depends on algorithms and all sorts of things. With email, you’re guaranteed an inbox delivery every time, with the only problems being incorrect email addresses or ones that don’t exist anymore. So, if you want your content to reach an email list of doctors, then email is definitely the way to go.

3. Increases Your Conversions

If you get your hands on a doctors’ email list, it’s safe to say that you’ll deliver your message directly to the right audience you want to reach. The average rate of click-throughs on an email campaign is 3%, which is roughly 6x higher than other digital marketing channels. If you’re like most marketers, and your primary goal is to cultivate leads and close sales, email marketing is your best bet.

How to Create a Doctors Email List

One of the keys to successful doctor email marketing is having a strong email list to send your content out. For example, if your business sells medicinal products, then your ideal target audience would be doctors, either in hospitals or with their own practices. Building your own email list can be challenging though, here’s how you do it.

1. Use an Amazing CTA

People who come to your blog or website are looking for a specific thing, and your CTA should be tailored to meet those needs. It doesn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming endeavor.. A fun quiz or an exclusive article on the topic you’ve been discussing could be some of the resources you provide. Your email newsletter won’t feel like a gimmicky advertisement if it contains content that is relevant to the needs of your visitors. As a long-term customer retention strategy, it will instead feel helpful and valuable.

2. Keep Your Pop-ups Clever

Having too many pop-up windows on your website that ask for customer email addresses or contact details can get quite frustrating. It may even result in you losing visitors before you have time to convert them. Be strategic about the pop-ups you use to gather email addresses.

3. Share Your Newsletter Value

There must be value in the content that you’ll be emailing out, right? Use your social media platforms and your website and your CTAs to really tell people what the value of them subscribing and sharing their email addresses would be. What can you offer them that they would receive elsewhere? Are you solving doctors’ problems? Do you offer unique solutions? Can you give them educational and relevant content on a regular basis? This is how you communicate the value added to their professional lives and convince them to give you their email address in order to build your doctor email list.

Why You Need a Doctors Email List

It can be very challenging to build a doctors email list from scratch, assuming that the contacts that are signing up are exactly who you should be marketing to. Another option you could consider is purchasing an already made email list of doctors. The benefit of this is having an organization do the research for you, qualify the data within the email list, and piece together a healthy database of doctors. The businesses that build these lists usually spend countless days and weeks researching appropriate practices and the information that you would need for your email marketing campaign success. The advantages are clear with this route:

  • You can filter your email campaign by various line items like location or practice size
  • You can focus on specific types of doctors or designations

This can help you segment your email marketing efforts by product or service and send it out in batches to the prospects whom the content is relevant for.

The Beauty of Email Marketing to Physicians

A doctors email list can truly help you set your email marketing campaigns apart from the rest. All you need to do now is decide whether you are going to create one for yourself or get your hands on one that is already established. The great news is that if you are considering buying a medical doctors email list then you’ve found yourself in the right place, register a profile now and get your list as soon as possible!

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