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Email is still king when it comes to communication and marketing. Recent statistics show users send more than 330 billion emails daily (which works out to about 3.5 million per second). Capturing a list of types of doctors can be very valuable to your real estate email marketing strategy. 

There are several things to know about a marketing list of types of doctors, including access to a list of high-income earners and offering great content. 

Here are three tips on what to know when using an email list of types of doctors.

1. Access to High-Income Earners 

Statistics show the average salary for a medical doctor can reach up to $350,000 – or even higher. Many medical doctors are seeking investment opportunities outside of their practice. These investors might want commercial, residential, or vacation properties to diversify and expand their portfolios. 


Providing these types of doctors lists helps your clients access these high-income earners. You know the exact kind of people you are reaching and who will likely take an interest in your product or service.

With this type of doctor’s list, you aren’t paying for the ‘junk’ list of people who have no interest in real estate investing.

Lead Generation

Using all types of doctors to generate new leads is a significant goal for your email marketing list. New real estate clients are a goal. 

Pass-along rates are also significant. For example, a doctor you reach with these types of doctors lists may not interest the intended receiver; however, they may ‘pass it along’ to someone else. 

Return on Investment 

As the old saying goes, you want the most bang for your buck. The cost of a doctor’s email list is a pretty good investment. You get a relatively low rate of high-income earners for your real estate business. 

Moreover, when interaction begins with these types of doctor’s lists, you begin to build a relationship. People will start to look for more information or keep coming back. 

2. Offer Great Content

Doctors’ email lists allow you to send great content regarding real estate investing. You can use doctors’ email lists as a sales pitch for why real estate is right for them. Sold content certifies you as an expert in the field and makes you the ‘go-to’ source for information about real estate investing. 

Pros of Investing

Part of your marketing strategy with an email marketing list of all types of doctors should include the pros of investing in real estate.

With blog posts, you can explain the return on investment, and the amounts of money doctors can make once they begin investing in real estate. Articles can also differentiate between being a ‘passive’ and ‘active’ investor. Moreover, you can weigh the pros (and cons) of commercial and residential investing. 

Email lists allow you to explain why real estate is a solid investment rather than stocks or bonds. With real estate values on the rise, there’s little chance of an investment tanking.  

Articles can also explain the tax advantages of real estate and how real estate investing can protect against inflation. 

Time Management 

For a busy medical professional, time management is critical. Perhaps with these email lists, you can create content about how to manage time. Everyone wants more personal and free time, right?

Offer light-hearted content about getting their lives under control by better managing time. Whether it’s creating schedules, prepping meals, or hiring others to do work around the house, create exciting content. 

Current Market Status 

Your email lists can help you update the current status of the real estate market in their region. Essentially, what’s hot and what’s not!

Doctors are scientists and love data. Sharing meaningful and accurate data will help you create a bond. Doctors typically look at the numbers and realize real estate investing is a good idea. 

Make it a point to tell doctors about the latest trends and what the future might hold. Trends might include marketing strategies or the current up-and-coming investment spots in their communities.


Use your type of doctor’s list for testimonials of those finding success with real estate. 

Either through video or written copy, have a doctor sit down for an interview about how they made money or why real estate investing is a good idea. Doctors can explain the pros of why they chose real estate investing as a way to expand their portfolios. 

Testimonials are believable. A doctor will likely listen to another doctor because they find them on the same intellectual level.   

3. Measuring Results 

There are plenty of programs and services to help you measure the results of your email list. 

You can find out who is reading your emails. Feedback can be instant. With analytics, you can find out who is reading, engaging, and clicking on the content you send through email. 

When you measure results, you will quickly know what is working and what’s not. These metrics can help you adjust your strategy and change or redirect your efforts. You can add or subtract from other marketing efforts or reinvest in different ways. 

You can also easily break down the cost per lead and your conversion rates.

Using these types of statistics helps you adjust your future marketing budgets. You can then make the case to management or investors about why purchasing doctors’ email lists are perfect for your marketing strategy. 

Three Tips for Using a List of Types of Doctors for Email Marketing 

Three tips for using a list of types of doctors for email marketing include access to high-income earners and offering great content. Email lists also help you measure the results of your success.

Contact us today and let us help you build your real estate client list with email marketing lists. We are experts in the field and can help you help others understand the magnificent benefits of investing in real estate. Quality lists will benefit the marketing strategy of a real estate company looking to sell excellent properties to willing investors. 

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