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The so-called experts have been predicting the demise of email marketing for years. “Email marketing is dead,” “it doesn’t work anymore,” “social media is the way to go,” “the numbers are fake.” Blah blah blah

Not so fast, experts. Email marketing is very much alive and it’s kicking butt. In fact, email marketing is more impactful and cost-effective than ever before. It remains the best way to reach new customers, grow your product and increase your conversion rates. The real beauty is that it also builds relationships with potential customers.

Over 293 billion emails are sent out every day. There are over 4.2 billion email users and over 6,300 email marketing agencies. It’s a big, thriving industry.

A recent study finds that 66% of people buy via email compared to only 20% by social media. People check their emails 58% more often than social media. And almost 9 out of 10 email users check their inbox at least once a day. The odds of someone seeing your email is pretty darn good.

There’s more. According to marketing expert Aaron Caister:

  • Email is much more personal and engaging than social media.
  • The user reads an email as a one-to-one conversation. This builds trust, which is invaluable when you want to make a sale.
  • You’re not bound by the rules of another company’s platform, and if the social media platform bans you or falls out of favor with the majority, you still have your email list.
  • Social media’s ever-changing algorithms makes building relationships difficult. With emails, your content will be delivered straight to your subscriber’s inbox every time.

Many businesses fail with email marketing because they don’t do it right. We think the “experts” who say it’s dead are the ones who tried and failed to make it work.

Email marketing isn’t dead – it’s a living, thriving sales machine. You just need to know how to do it right. Contact the experts at Octane Online Marketing for a free consultation – they’ll help you do it right.

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