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First, you have to decide what kind of email you want to put into action. Don’t be wishy washy. The more informed you are about email categories, the better your chances are of connecting to the right customer. Here’s a run through of the Big Five:

Welcome Email

Initial contact with prospects not ready to do business.

Research shows that only 25% of your leads are ready to buy while 50% are not yet ready to buy. A welcome email is a form of nurturing and is important for pushing leads closer to buying your service or product.

Promotional Email

A promotional email presents a direct call to action to the customer which usually advertises a promotion such as a sale price on a product.

Nurturing Email

A nurturing email is an email designed to inform a prospect in the consideration stage about what your product does and how it can help the customer. The nurturing email helps to move forward the prospect’s consideration of buying your product.

Drip Email

Drip emails are a series of automated emails designed to take your prospect through a journey that will lead them to take a specific action.

Informational Email

Information Emails can be sent separately and used as part of your drip campaign to inform your customer about your products and the market segment you are in.

For Example: If You fix the lightbulbs dentists use above their chairs, you could send a brochure about the different light bulbs you repair and some samples of work you have done for other dentists.

Happy Emailing!

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