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You spend a lot of time and money on your emails. What good is it if they don’t get opened? An eye-catching subject line is essential. This single line of text determines if your email gets opened or not, and 47% of people surveyed say they open emails based on the subject line alone.

So how do you write a subject line that will boost your open rate? You create a sense of urgency, pique their curiosity, get clever, use humor, personalize it, keep it simple. Then you test it.

Many subject lines try to give it all away upfront. Or they try to say too much, and the email ends up going in the dumpster. Here are a few ways you can make a subject line get clicked:

Make it newsworthy.

“Just announced… ____________ “

“BREAKING:  _________________”

“THIS JUST IN: _______________”

“DEVELOPING: _______________”

“Shocking News!”

Make it intriguing. Pique their curiosity.

“The next 2 minutes could change your life.”

“Watch this! History is being made”

“For one of the best things in life, open now”

“You waited. Now your patience has paid off”

“If you’ve been sitting on the fence…”

“I Bet You Can’t Beat this”

“A Sneak Peek for the Select Few”

“Claim Your Fortune Now”

Make them think they’re missing out.

“You Don’t Want to Miss This, {Name of Person}”

“Last Chance to Save Thousands/Hundreds”

“Once in a lifetime savings end soon”

Make it Indispensable.

“New must-haves for your home.”

“Steal These Stock Tips”

“Deals you never thought possible.”

“Never Before. Never Again”

Make it Controversial.

“Don’t Open This If You Have a Weak Heart”

“Only open if you’re willing to question your beliefs”

“You do NOT want to open this”

“This email might cause your heart to palpitate”

Personalize your subject head – Include your prospect’s first name in the subject line or their company name or the name of a competitor. Try location personalization; name the city or state. Personalization can improve open rates by up to 26%.

Ask a Question.

Can you find the huge savings in this email?

Why are you still sitting there?

Did you hear about this new marketing trend?

Are you going to be one of the lucky 100?

Is this stupid or what?

Make it Interactive

We’re timing you…

You have only 5 seconds to reply.

You’re going to (HOWL) when you hear about this”

“You’re going to (Pant, Pant) for these Deals”

Make it funny.

“I hope you are staying positive and testing negative”

“Time for some strange confessions”

“There are no deals in this email”

“You can’t buy this on Amazon”

“This really sucks!”  (Vacuum cleaner)

If you can tie in a funny subject line with your product, all the better.

“We’re having a sale for winos like you.”   – Liquor store

Make a List

“5 ways to improve your love life”

“The 10 best ways to make money in a recession”

“The 6 best cars under 20 grand”

“10 Ways to look younger (without even trying)”

These are just a few examples how you can improve your subject line and increase your email open rate. Happy Emailing

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