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Quick, think about the most popular internet services. Perhaps Facebook or Twitter comes to mind. But 4.2 billion people will use email by the end of 2022, which is more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Email marketing campaigns are your best way to reach out to thousands of professionals in dentistry. Yet you can’t send any emails you want. In order for your marketing campaign to work, you need to figure out how to write a marketing email.

How can you grab your recipient’s attention before they open your email? What details should your emails include, and how can you appeal specifically to dentists? How can you start a long-term email marketing campaign?

Answer these questions and you can start emailing dentists the right way in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Write a Strong Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that your recipient will receive. If your subject line is bland or similar to spam or clickbait, your recipient is unlikely to open the email.

Consider asking an open-ended question that many dentists ask. “Do you have trouble getting new clients?” is one example. Your email should then provide an answer to the question or a solution to the problem implied in the question.

You can also try a listicle title. “10 Ways to Generate Leads” is catchy, and you can create a quick list of bullet points with useful tips for your recipient in the body of the email.

Keep your subject lines to less than 10 words. Never have spam words like “buy now,” and do not write your subject lines in all caps or with multiple exclamation points. Look at the best email subject lines for sales for inspiration, but don’t use a sales line you see on the internet word-for-word.

Do not forget about your preview text, which shows the first line of your email. Build off of the subject line and create a first line that will grab your reader’s attention. You can ask a question if you didn’t ask one in your subject line.

Include Only the Most Important Information

After you’re done writing your email, you should read it over to see what details you have in it. You should remove anything that is unnecessary or fails to answer the question in your subject line.

Try to find ways to reduce the number of words in each sentence. Switch to the active voice, remove your adverbs, and combine sentences together.

Cap your email to 200 words. If you need to provide more information, you can send another email or write a blog post on your website. Most emails can be less than 100 words long, and you can use the brevity to create suspense and encourage someone to contact you.

Be Specific to Dentistry

Your recipient should feel like they are receiving an email specifically for them. You should personalize your email as much as possible. Call the recipient by their last name and mention where they are from.

Dentists have different jobs than other medical professionals. If you are offering tips, make sure the tips are specifically for dentistry, not internal medicine. Mention the names of products that dentists use and talk about companies that are popular in the industry.

Give as many numbers to the recipient as possible. Talk about how many patients the dentist can get with your services and how they can get more new-patient and returning-patient revenues. The more money your dentist can make off of you, the more likely they are to work with you.

Call the Recipient to Action

Every email you write must feature a call to action. Give something for the recipient to do with the information they learn within the email itself.

The simplest call to action is to encourage the reader to contact you. After providing 10 tips to help their dentist’s office, you can mention that you can give them more tips after they give you a call.

If you are selling products, you can link to the product on your website in the footer. You can also link to your store, allowing the dentist to see what else you have to offer.

Make sure you give the recipient multiple ways to contact you. You should include your email address, mailing address, and website URL in the footer of your email. If you run a store, include the store hours so the recipient can visit you in person.

Prepare a Multi-Email Campaign

Even the best email marketing campaigns send several emails to recipients. If you’re promoting a product, you should send three emails. One should announce what the product is, another should remind the recipient about it, and the third email should offer the last chance to purchase.

Your first email can be your longest email, describing your product to your recipient. The second email should be shorter, offering a few details in case the recipient forgot about your last message. The third should be even shorter, with the content supporting a link to your store or contact page.

Arrange your marketing campaign so each email comes out several days after the previous one. Rushing your emails can cause someone to block you. Do not send more than three emails, as repetitive messages can annoy the recipient.

Figure Out How to Write a Marketing Email

Learning how to write a marketing email means figuring out a few steps. You must write a strong subject line and preview text that encourages your reader to read the email. Your emails should contain only relevant information to dentists.

Every email you write should have a call to action. Feel free to write multiple emails, but each one should build off of the previous one. Do not overstay your welcome or spam your recipients.

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