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Coffee Is for Closers.”

“ABC. A – Always. B- Be. C – Closing. Always Be Closing.”

Do you remember that scene from the classic movie Glengarry Glen Ross back in 1992? Well, a lot has changed because today’s sales are mostly online, but one thing hasn’t changed: you still need to close the deal.

A good email marketing campaign needs a good follow-up. According to Woodpecker, campaigns with 4-7 follow-ups have a 3x higher reply rate compared to campaigns with only 1-3 emails.

Here are some ways to write a good email follow-up for your marketing campaign.

A Better Subject Line

You need a better subject line for your follow-up email. It doesn’t matter if your original email subject line was good – obviously, it wasn’t good enough. This single line of text determines if your follow-up gets opened or not, and 47% of people surveyed say they open emails based on the subject line alone. Your follow-up subject line needs even more urgency:

“Biggest Deal of The Year Ends Soon “

“BREAKING: It’s almost Over”

“Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late”

“Offer Ends in 24 Hours”

More Aggressive Offer

Make your content more aggressive. Get to the right to the point. “Hurry – these are the final days of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Make your offer better. Make your discount bigger. Add a “supplies are limited” and an “ends soon” banner on the follow-up email. Put a timer on it. And make the call-to-action button bigger.

Add An Extra Incentive

Give the reader another offer if they buy now. Give them an extra 10% off or a coupon for another product or service. Or add something for free – like a water bottle, t-shirt, or company cap. This is one of the best ways to incentivize a subscriber. Freebies work wonders!

Follow Up with A Phone Call

Good email list companies sell lists that include phone numbers with their email addresses. For example, the Email List Company offers phone numbers plus physical addresses along with email addresses. If you have the time and patience, follow up on your email marketing with a phone call. Persistence pays off, and the subscriber will more likely be flattered by your call rather than irritated.

Now, go close the deal and then enjoy that cup of coffee – because, as they say, coffee is for closers.

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