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Real estate agents. You can be the key to having someone get their dream home and someone else finally being able to take the next step in their life.

There is plenty of competition across the country, with over three million people in the United States having a real estate license.

If you are one of those three million people who are just starting out, you may be trying to figure out a way to stand out. Well, one way to do this is to use email distribution lists.

What are email distribution lists? How does this help you get new clients?

This is your guide.

What Are Email Distribution Lists?

Before we can talk about how to use an email distribution list as a realtor, you must first understand exactly what this is. Essentially, it is a list of contacts that you have via the email address that you think is going to be interested in your product or service.

Sometimes, the people on this email list can be a cold lead, and you are trying to warm them up. No need to fear, email marketing is not going anywhere.

In 2022, 37% of brands increased their email marketing budget. This means that it can be an effective tool for you to use, considering that over four billion people on the planet are email users.

So, there are a few ways that you can take advantage of this.

Find Lenders

One thing that you can do as a realtor is find a lender to team up with. This can make you more attractive as a real estate agent to a buyer because you are giving them an easy transition to buying a house.

What you do here is when you have a lender that you are working closely with, you are providing one team that can help someone buy a house and give them a reasonable mortgage to buy the said house. That can help both you and the lender see more business and come as a package deal for a buyer.

So, how can you go about this? You can find an email distribution list that has exclusively lenders on it. See what you can offer them and figure out what the right fit would be for you.

Build a Target Audience

The next thing that you want to do is build a target audience for your email marketing campaign. If you have a distribution list, you can start with how many years people have been in the lending industry, what their age is, what their gender is, and more.

You can use that information to help narrow down what audience you could be speaking to. Look closely at this information and see if there is a pattern. If most of the lenders on the list are in a certain age range, speak to them like you would other people in that age range.

It is best to know your audience inside and out. While you cannot do this just on a cold email, having that information and figuring out which people on the list you are going to target from there can be a good start.

Narrow Location Down

Now that you have a plan of attack and a target audience in mind, you are most likely a realtor that is looking to sell houses in a particular area. Well, one way to get yourself more organized and make your target audience even more niche is to narrow it down by location.

For example, let’s say that you are specifically selling houses in the southern Florida market. You can start by getting lead generation specifically from people in the Florida area. That means going after lenders that mainly do their business in Florida.

Since it is a big state, you may still have to narrow it down even further. Say you focus most of your real estate business in Miami. In that situation, people from Jacksonville on an email list may be of no use to you because they are in opposite parts of the state.

Take the time to hyper focus on location. From there, you can start gaining useful allies in your business.

Make Sure You Are Valuable

Finally, make sure you are offering something of value to these real estate leads. You need people to see what you are putting on the table and how you are going to benefit them.

If you are after lenders, you have to show them how you doing the legwork to attract buyers can benefit both of you. Then, you can get to know more about their services so that a buyer can be attracted to the lender that you decide to team up with.

Show that you are competent at your job and that you know how to hook people. Your email marketing messages should connect to people instantly. Read it out loud and think about how the message sounds to the person on the other side of the email.

Buy an Email List

These are the things that you can use email distribution lists for as a real estate agent. A list like this can help grow your business quickly and allow you to increase lead generation.

You have to start by narrowing it down to a target audience. Then, hyper focus on the location of that target audience and go from there.

Do you want to know more about email lists? Message us here with your questions.

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