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Brokers are breaking out! More than 560,000 Americans work as real estate brokers and sales agents. Employment amongst real estate brokers is expected to grow by 5% between 2021 and 2031.

If you want to tap into a thriving industry, you should start marketing to real estate agents. But to sell your services effectively, you need to understand the best strategies on how to sell services.

How should you reach out to real estate agents, and how you can incentivize them to reach out to you? What types of content should you include in your emails? When should you transition to face-to-face meetings?

Answer these questions and you can market to real estate agents successfully in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Focus on the Benefits You Provide

Real estate agents will not work with you if they do not understand what you can do for them. Whatever marketing tools you use, you must clarify what your services are.

Be clear about what you offer. Describe your experience working with real estate agents and show how your services are different from your competitors.

Specify what the benefits of your services for real estate agents are like. If you have numbers of how much money you save your clients, put those numbers in all of your marketing materials.

If you have positive testimonials from previous clients, you should also put their quotes in your emails. You can give their contact information to recipients who email you back, as long as you have permission from your clients to do so.

Individualize Your Marketing Materials

Every realtor is different. Some specialize in specific demographics, and some are more professional and established than others.

You can use a real estate agent email list to reach out to many people at once. But you may want to research a few of the top names on your list. See how they promote themselves and what properties they offer.

You can write an email template for yourself that outlines your services and fleshes out the benefits you offer. But when you are emailing your top names, you should add some individual details. If the recipient works with older people, you can mention your experience with working with older people.

Your emails should always start with the recipient’s name. Check to see if your recipient prefers to be greeted by their first name or last name.

Meet Real Estate Agents Face to Face

While you are emailing agents, you should be meeting with them personally. If you live in or near a city, try to go to conferences and conventions for real estate professionals. Attend events at the conference and go to dinners and informal mixers where you can meet more people.

While you are talking to an agent, you should adopt similar techniques as your email marketing, namely explaining the benefits of your services. But you should be a little more informal and give a sense of your personality. Let the conversation transition into talking about your personal interests and background.

After you’ve exchanged a few emails with an agent, you should meet with them somewhere. This lets you build a deeper relationship with them and transition into the active stage of your partnership.

You can visit real estate agents during their open houses. This gives you a great opportunity to speak with them and see how they work. You can also get a sense of the properties they sell and how your products can advance sales.

Use Visuals

The real estate industry is visual, with many people buying homes based on their appearance. You should also use visuals to illustrate your points and increase your credibility.

If you are selling an app, enclose screenshots of the app in your emails. The app you are developing should have photographs of rental properties and a visual-heavy user experience. You should use colors to distinguish between different functions in your app and generate emotions in your user’s mind.

Bold, italicize, and underline text in your emails to emphasize important details. If your email requires multiple sections, you can use headers to provide clear breaks between them.

Get as creative with your visuals as you want. You can set up a Pinterest board and give photos and infographics to your clients that they can use in their marketing.

Offer Tips

An effective way to build your credibility is to offer advice in your marketing materials. Discuss ways your recipients can market their properties. You can bring their attention to tools like Canva and DocuSign.

You should also discuss strategies for finding new clients. If you like the email marketing service you’re using, tell your recipients about it.

The more advice you can offer, the more you will seem like a thought leader. If you have free time, try to start a blog and write tutorials about the real estate industry. You can write listicles giving pieces of advice and how-to guides on how to produce marketing materials and seal deals.

Figure Out How to Sell Services

Learning how to sell services requires patience. You need to focus on what you can do for the client. Clarify the benefits of your services and describe how exactly they help the recipient with common tasks.

Craft personal relationships with your agents, attending public events with them and keeping them company during open houses. Build a reputation as a thought leader through detailed emails and helpful blog posts.

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