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No pain no gain – that’s what they say, right? Well, if you’re an email

marketer, you’ve had enough pain. We compiled a list of tips for gym and fitness center email marketers that’s all gain and no pain. These tips will help get you in shape for 2023 and make your bottom line stronger without breaking a sweat.

Marketing for Gyms


“Approximately 30% of an email database becomes obsolete in a year.” – ZeroBounce

It’s important to clean your database frequently or your email could go into the spam folder. Start your cleaning by removing duplicate email addresses. Find “spammy” email addresses and delete them. Remove people who unsubscribe from your list. Correct obvious typos. Email list cleaning has always been important, but it’s even more critical in the fiercely competitive gym and fitness center business category.


You spend a lot of time on your emails. What good is it if the email doesn’t get opened? A strong subject line helps. This single line of text determines if your email gets opened or not, and 35% of people surveyed say they open emails based on the subject line alone. Click here for some

subject lines that is guarante to grab your reader’s attention.

Get Personal

Personalized marketing drives growth: 93% of companies with “advanced personalization strategies” saw revenue growth, according to behavior expert Jennifer Clinehens. And personalization drives long-term customer value.

You can get personal by simply adding a person’s name to an email and/or a subject head. You can expand your email personalization with birthday notices, anniversaries, location personalization that mentions events where they live, and loyalty offers.


Email automation is the methodology of setting up automated emails, so email marketers can concentrate on other tasks. Emails are triggered when subscribers perform specific actions, like a purchase, an event, or by customer behavior data. According to Moosend.com, the main triggered emails that help businesses communicate with customers are welcome emails, onboarding emails and notification emails. Learn more about email automation and the best email automation providers by clicking here.


People are attracted to things that are different. This goes for emails as well. Interactive emails are a good way to stand out from the crowd. Interactive surveys, work out questionnaires, polls, reviews, Q & A’s, and better placement of CTA buttons will help your email’s performance.

Invest in A gym & fitness center email list

It’s always a good idea to get a new email list for the new year. You’ll get a high quality gym and fitness center email list with a clean and current database that targets your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Not all marketing list providers are the same. Email lists should be verified, validated – and segmented so you can target specific categories of the gym and fitness business. We recommend the Email List Company, the #1 trusted source for marketing lists for over 20 years.

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