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With around 1.5 million real estate brokers in the USA, you might think marketing to such a vast audience is easy.

But never underestimate your competition! Many companies like yours are vying for the attention of real estate business owners. You’ll need a few tips and tricks to grab your target customer’s attention.

So how do you market to brokers in real estate? We have several ideas to share in this guide. Read on to learn about the strategies that will work for you in 2023 and beyond.

Work on Your Branding

Top brokers want to work with the best businesses, and that means presenting a professional brand.

But branding is more than having a stylish logo (though that’s part of it). Branding involves having a clear message, excellent copy, and a beautiful website.

You’ll want to invest time and money into making sure you create a brand image that’s modern and unique.

Speak to a professional design team for support and guidance. In addition, browse your competitor’s websites to see their branding and how you can create something better.

Create a Compelling Offer

Do you want to offer a real estate broker the same service or product they’ve seen from many other competitors? The answer is no. You’ve got to stand out, starting with a compelling and unique offer.

You can do this by researching your target market and creating a niche offer that differentiates itself from anything else.

Perhaps that means providing a unique guarantee when customers buy from you. Or maybe it means offering a personal, one-to-one service when everyone else provides an automated customer support desk.

There are many ways to differentiate yourself and provide an offer that’s impossible to turn down; you just need to get creative.

Give your offer a unique brand name, too. This will help you stand out and make your business more recognizable if your audience sees it on social media or in ads.

Try Email Marketing

If you want to connect with your next broker client, what better way to reach them than through their inbox?

Real estate brokers are busy, so they are more likely to read what you say when you send an email than scroll through your social media ads or read your blog posts.

Building an email list takes time and effort. You’ll need an offer, a landing page, and an email autoresponder.

However, with our real estate email databases, you can connect directly with your ideal customer without spending months building a broker email list. You can find out more about our realtor databases here.

Once you have an email list, spend some time thinking of creative email campaigns and offers you can send to your real estate brokers. You could time these to coincide with notable dates such as Black Friday.

You can also use selling techniques to help win more sales, such as adding a deadline on your offer or limiting the number of spots available.

Explore a Partnership

Partnering with another business is a fantastic marketing method because it’s a free way of getting your brand and offer in front of another company’s audience. A broker will more likely trust you if they’ve heard about your business from a reputable third party.

The best way to do this is via email marketing. In this case, your partner would send your offer to their email list, and you would send their offer to your audience.

Choose a company with a similar but complementary audience to make the most of this. For example, if you sell SEO services, you could partner with a company that offers SEO website copy.

You’ll also want to ensure you partner with a company with roughly the same audience size. For example, if you have an email list of 5000, you might not benefit from partnering with a company that only holds an email list of 200.

Another way you can partner with a company is via your social media accounts. If you have large, engaged followings, you can promote your offers to each other’s audiences.

Create a Strong Social Media Profile

The true benefit of social media is that your efforts snowball. You might only have a small following right now, but with consistent marketing, you can grow that by thousands.

Once you do that, you will have a ready-made audience for your product or service. Every promotion you run from that point is free and should bring you plenty of new leads.

But if you opt to market on social media, don’t assume you must use every platform to see a result. Understanding each platform’s intricacies takes time, so your time is best spent focusing on one or two that you can master.

Your target audience of realtor brokers is more likely to hang out on some platforms than others. At the top of your list should be LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Post at least once daily to get the best results from social media. Choose highly relevant content for your target audience and make it fun and engaging.

Use tactics like hashtags, tagging, and responding to comments to help get more engagement from each of your posts.

Experiment With Video

If you haven’t tried video yet, add it to the top of your priority list for your next marketing campaign to brokers.

Video gets plenty of engagement, and it’s a medium that your busy audience of realtors will want to see when consuming information online.

If you aren’t comfortable getting in front of a camera, use video to produce a presentation or pay for some video graphics instead.

Try short 5-minute videos to see how your presentation style works before you invest time in longer-form videos.

Don’t forget that social media platforms have PPC advertising, so you can use this to boost your reach when publishing videos at the start. That’s handy if you still have a relatively small audience.

Connecting with Brokers in Real Estate

Good marketing is all about having a strong message and a clear strategy. So use the tips in this guide to develop a coherent approach to help you connect with brokers in real estate in 2023.

To shortcut your path to success, don’t forget to browse our real estate email databases to help you target the right people from day one.