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Social media can be a powerful way for businesses to reach consumers. It can build loyalty, drive leads and sales, and increase traffic on your website. Over 75% of internet users are on social media – so why aren’t you getting more sales? If you are a business, and want to improve your social media presence, connect with more followers, boost your sales and ROI, take a scroll down this page.

1) Good Strategies & Good Campaigns

Having a social media presence without a marketing strategy is like having no plan at all. You need a game plan. Who are you selling to? What are you selling? What are your sales goals? How many followers do you have and how many do you exponentially, realistically expect each month? Create campaigns that will engage audiences who are receptive to your product or service.

2) Stay active

Don’t “set it and forget it.” You will increase the number of your followers by interacting with them. Remember, social media is a two-way street. Message your followers, get feedback, offer discounts with promo codes that will drive customers to your website. Give your audience tips and advice, post photos of happy customers, offer free giveaways, post holidays and special events. There are many ways you can connect with your audience and keep them engaged. Make sure there’s a link to your website on the ads and blogs you post.

3) Increase Traffic to Your Website

Discounts, promo codes and adding links to your social media posts will drive followers to your website. Include bog posts, videos, graphics, Gif’s, and photos. According to Content Stadium, there are specific ways to engage users and increase followers for each social media site:


Because users tend to dip in and out of Twitter across the day, you can post your top articles (your “greatest hits”) on rotation multiple times per day. This ensures people see a lot of high-quality content whenever they tune in


The algorithm doesn’t like you to post the same articles multiple times a day. So here it’s best to only publish a smaller number of top-quality posts.


Instagram is best used as a shop window for your visual content. But the link-in-bio strategy can still drive significant traffic to your website. The Economist posts around 8 times per day on this platform.


The Economist adopted a conversation-based strategy for LinkedIn, encouraging comments and shares. This means that they can post less (around 8 times per day), but still have high levels of social media referrals.

Tik Tok: Engage with your audience, stay consistent, leverage influencer marketing, and encourage user-generated content. If you are busy and don’t have a lot of time, the team of experts, consultants, and strategists at Octane Online Marketing will help you build and leverage your social media platform to meet the complex needs of your business. Our full breadth approach will support and meet your objectives, including planning, executing, and analyzing campaigns. Contact them today for a free social media power session.

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