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If you market to doctors, physicians or healthcare workers, an email list with a high accuracy rate is essential. Email marketing is still the #1 go-to for online marketing and 91% of online consumers check their inboxes every day. This includes doctors and medical workers.

But how do you find a doctor email list with a high accuracy rate? Most medical lists out there are outdated and unverified. In truth, there are only a few medical email lists that are worth your time and dime.

Better data makes a better email list
Before you buy a doctor or healthcare email list, check the provider’s database. Without data accuracy, you don’t know what you’re paying for. The Doctor Email List has verified data accuracy. Their servers and software are running 24/7 to verify and test their data. A clean database Is essential for an accurate email list. The Doctor Email List guarantees the cleanest, most up-to-date doctor, healthcare worker and medical email lists in the country.

The Doctor Email List uses multi-sourced data points to make sure their medical information is up-to-date, and you get highly targeted contacts and audiences. Better data means you reach the right audience at the right time.

Better Accuracy Rate
The accuracy rate of a doctor or healthcare worker email list should be looked at with a bit of skepticism. If a provider says they have a 100% accuracy rate, don’t bet on it because it’s statistically impossible. If they advertise highly targeted emails – this is a subjective claim and hard to prove. A 95% accuracy rate is a good quantitative number that you can count on.

The Doctor Email List has a 96% accuracy rate that is guaranteed, with the best doctor, physician, and medical worker database in the business. If you are a marketer in the medical field and need an email list, go with the #1 most trusted marketing list provider for over 20 years – The Doctor Email List.

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