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There are lots of ways to generate leads, but everyone knows the best way is from a high-quality email list. So how do you find one? Easy. This simple guide helps you find a list that will grow your pipeline with high-quality leads and prospects – so you can increase your sales and ROI.

High Quality Email Leads

One – How often is the list updated and – more importantly – validated and verified? Does the list have a date? These are important questions to ask. The provider could be selling you a list that is years old. That would make it obsolete in today’s fast moving, ever-changing email marketing business.

Two – A  database is the bedrock of any email list provider. Many companies buy their lists from other companies, then they mark them up. This doesn’t necessarily mean the list is dated, it just means you’re paying more than you should, Does the company you’re looking at show you their database? Keep scrolling if you don’t see one.

Three – Accuracy. The accuracy rate of an email list is tossed around a lot. If a provider says they have zero bounces -even if they guarantee it – don’t bet on it because it’s statistically impossible. Does the list company you’re looking at say they have a 100% accuracy rate? Then they are 100% lying.

Four – Buyer Beware. Watch out for hyperbole and exaggerated claims.  Does the email list provider you are considering say they have 100 million business profiles? 300 million verified emails?  Well, as of 2022, there are only 31 million small businesses in the United States. So, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Five- Segmentation.  Does the provider you’re considering segment their lists so you can target specific categories and reach users more effectively? This is one of the biggest benefits of a high-quality email list.

According to the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report, marketers who use email segmentation have a 24% higher open rate. Subscribers want  content that is relevant to their likes and dislikes – and it can create a seamless customer experience.

If you said “yes” to all these questions, congratulations – you found yourself a high-quality list provider and you’re all set. If you said “no,” then check out the Email List Company – they’ve been the #1 trusted source for high-quality mailing lists for over 20 years.

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