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Did you know that email marketing is the world’s number one customer acquisition method? Email may not be the newest kid on the block, but it’s undoubtedly stood the test of time as a powerful marketing technique.

If you sell your services to the real estate industry, email marketing could open many exciting doors for your business.

But before you begin, you might have a few questions about how to build an email list of real estate agents. If so, we have all the answers for you right here.

Understand Your Audience

Before you build an email list, you must understand your audience. The more you know about your audience and what drives them, the better your marketing efforts.

You know you want to target real estate agents, so begin by getting some information you can use to build your email list. Here are some prompts:

  • List the locations you’ll target for real estate agents
  • What’s the average size of the company
  • What person in the real estate business is most likely to read and respond to your marketing emails?
  • Where online are you most likely to find real estate agents (blogs, social media, news organizations)
  • What searches might they type into Google?
  • What is the most pressing need in their business right now?
  • What problems do they need solving in their business right now?

All these questions will help entice the right people onto your email list. It will also help you discover the best traffic sources when growing your real estate email list.

Create an Email Capture Page

Once you know who to target in the real estate business, it’s time to create web pages to help you turn a prospect into an email list. You need an email capture page, also known as a landing page.

This simple web page has only one purpose: a single box allowing visitors to submit their email addresses. But to get that email address, you’ll need to offer something in exchange.

That something is known as a lead magnet and a free offer you put on your landing page to entice new email subscribers. Here are some ideas for what you can offer to your audience as a lead magnet:

  • Free business evaluation for real estate agents
  • PDF guide on opportunities in real estate
  • A real estate industry report
  • A detailed case study

Go for something that offers plenty of value but is easy to consume. Your target audience is busy, so if you want a high conversion rate on the landing page, keep that in mind.

Choose an Email Autoresponder

If you want to email your audience, you’ll need the right tools. When you handle email subscriptions, the best tool is an email autoresponder.

This tool will allow you to send a broadcast email to hundreds or thousands of email subscribers in one go. You’ll also be able to connect your email autoresponder to your landing page.

Moreover, some autoresponders even offer the tools to build a landing page directly on their platform.

Get Traffic

Once you know your audience and have your landing page, your next step is getting traffic. We’ll outline the three main options available to you here:

Paid Ads

Paid ads will get you plenty of regular visitors to your landing page. But you’ll need to know how to write a great ad that will attract the attention of your target customer.

You should use the ad to promote your lead magnet and send that ad traffic directly to your landing page.

The most common paid ad type is a PPC ad (pay-per-click). With this ad model, you only pay once someone clicks on your ad. It’s used by some of the biggest ad platforms, including Facebook and Google.

Before spending significant money on an ad campaign, you must run a test ad to see if your ad creatives resonate with your target audience.

When doing this, run a split test (also known as an A/B test) to get some data on the type of headlines and images that get the best response.

If you don’t want to run a PPC campaign, you could pay for banner ads on a site popular with the real estate community. Some websites will offer direct banner advertising options.

Organic Traffic

Next on our list is organic traffic. This is the preferred option for anyone on a strict budget because most of this method doesn’t require an upfront investment, although it does require a lot of time and effort.

Organic traffic is any means of getting visitors to your website using free online resources. It includes the following:

Social Media

You can create a profile on social media for free and use this to get people to your landing page. If you don’t already have a following, you’ll need to spend several months posting content to help grow your account.

Content Publishing

This is similar to social media but is more about sharing content online and using that to get new visitors to your landing page. It includes podcasts, guest blog posts, and YouTube videos.

Organic Search

You can use your website and SEO to bring free Google traffic to your website. Once there, you can direct those visitors to your landing page (or add an opt-in box to your website).

SEO takes time, but if you understand your audience and can write great content, it’s a helpful way of getting free, regular traffic. The trick to SEO is doing plenty of keyword research before creating content.

Direct Buy

Running a paid ad campaign takes time to set up and optimize. And you aren’t always guaranteed to get a great result (especially if you haven’t any prior experience in advertising).

Although organic traffic is cheap, it is a lengthy process. So this next option might be a better choice for you.

Direct buy is buying a realtor email database of addresses directly from a third party. It’s the service we offer here at The Email List Company.

The great thing about direct buying is that it’s quick and easy. You don’t even need a landing page or a lead magnet.

And since you are buying a specific real estate database, you’ll already have access to the most targeted audience you need instead of researching to help you find those people online.

Get Your Email List of Real Estate Agents Now

If you haven’t tried email marketing before, why not use it as part of your next promotional campaign?

We’ve made that easier than ever with our ready-to-go email list of real estate agents. Your next step is to head here to browse our real estate email database and choose the option that’s right for you.