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Once upon a time in the faraway kingdom of Nerdlandia, there was a king named William of the House of Gates. King William was a wise and wealthy man who ruled over a country of programmers, coders, web serfers, and scribes.

But the king was not happy. The quality of manuscripts that were delivered to the World of the Web was inferior and that made him very angry.  

One day he proclaimed from his throne: “I hereby decree that from this day on, no manuscript by a scribe shall be derivative, monotonous, or boring. All parchments shall be interesting and will hold value. And from this day forward, parchments will be called ‘content.’”

One brave scribe gathered up his courage and asked: “But your Majesty, what is ‘content?’”

King William looked at him with contempt and shouted, “Off with his typing fingers!”

The other scribes quickly cried out, ‘We love content! Content is our king!’

So on that day, a very long time ago, the year of 1996, it was ordered and decreed that hereto forth content would be king.

The moral of the story? Do not disagree with the king or you will be banished to lowest level of SEO, and no one will ever read your content again.

(For all the scribes out there, who are now called content writers and bloggers, that is the story how King William (aka Bill Gates) came up with the saying, “content is king.”)
Long live content – long live the king!

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