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There are more than two million active real estate agents in the US. While you can’t market to them all, having an updated email list of realtors is critical to your success with email marketing.

However, how often should you be updating your email marketing lists for realtors and local real estate companies? Fear not — we’re here to tell you that keeping your realtor email marketing list updated doesn’t have to take up too much time.

In this quick guide, we’ll dive into why it’s so important to keep these lists fresh and how you can do it efficiently.

What Is Email List Management?

Email list management is a useful tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It enables companies to streamline email communication with customers, prospects, and stakeholders. With email list management, you can segment email lists into different categories.

This allows for targeted messaging that resonates with different audiences. Email list management also enables you to monitor email deliverability and track email campaigns. This is helpful if you’re having trouble pinpointing which emails have the best open rates. After all, understanding this is key to improving email open rates.

All in all, email list management provides B2B agencies and businesses with an efficient way to communicate with their target audiences. When you’re focused on lead generation, this can be critical to your success.

Signs You Need to Update Your Email Marketing Lists

Unfortunately, marketing to realtors via email isn’t just about sending out a few messages every week. It’s important to update your email marketing lists regularly to keep your campaigns effective and relevant.

The best way to know if you need to update them is by monitoring the performance of your emails. If you notice that the typical engagement rates on your messages have decreased or the unsubscribe rate has increased over time, it’s a clear sign that you should update or refresh your list with new contacts.

Additionally, keeping track of which emails have bounced can help you identify errors in contact data that would need correcting, ensuring that all messages are sent successfully. Here’s a brief breakdown of each of those factors.

Low Open Rates

Low open rates in your email lists can be an indicator that it’s time to update your contact list. If your open rates are low, then this may mean there is low interest in the emails you are sending. Or worse, it could mean that the emails are going straight into people’s spam folders.

A low open rate should alert you to:

  • Review your contact list for out-of-date or inaccurate details
  • Lok for new contacts in the real estate industry
  • Prune old contacts and segment your lists

Doing these simple tasks can help you increase engagement and make sure you get better results from communications with your customers and prospects.

High Bounce Rates

High bounce rates are a definite sign that something is wrong with your email marketing strategy. It could be because you have outdated contacts or an incomplete list. By eliminating old or invalid addresses from your lists, you can ensure that you’re only sending out high-quality emails and therefore reduce your high bounce rates.

Furthermore, updating your email marketing lists allows for better engagement and more accurate segmenting of customers based on their preferences. Keeping high-quality contacts with updated information not only helps boost the performance of your campaigns but also improves the reputation of your brand as well.

High Unsubscribe Rates

Finally, high unsubscribe rates can indicate that the emails you send to your subscribers are out of date and not relevant anymore. If a high percentage of people stop subscribing or start marking your messages as spam, it’s a sign that they are no longer interested in what you have to offer.

In this case, it is time to start looking at ways to update your email marketing list. After all, you want to keep the right individuals engaged with your content. Doing this will ensure that your subscribers stay up-to-date with the latest products and services you have to offer, resulting in higher engagement and more conversions for your business.

How to Retain More Subscribers

Updating your email list is only half the battle. You also need to ensure you’re able to retain your new and updated subscribers. How can you do this easily? It’s important to be:

  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Consistent

Good content that is relevant to their needs will help attract and keep the attention of your subscribers. Regular email communications can also aid in building relationships with subscribers and keeping them engaged. Offering incentives such as discounts or exclusive offers could also encourage agents to retain their email subscriptions with you.

Lastly, ensure that the emails sent out are visually appealing and easy to read so people don’t have to work too hard when deciding if they want it or not. If a subscriber spends five seconds instead of two minutes reading an email, chances are much higher that they’ll retain their subscription.

How Often Should You Update Your Marketing Lists for Real Estate Agents?

So, based on the information above, how often should you be updating your email list? That’s a tough question to answer. If you notice one of the issues mentioned above then we suggest you update your email list frequently.

However, depending on the size of your customer base, updating your email lists should ideally take place at least once every quarter, although more frequent updates are highly recommended. Doing so will help prevent having outdated data points, and make sure you’re reaching out with relevant content that engages your customers.

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