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Home sales are in the tank as inflation continues to pummel the economy and mortgage rates continue to climb. On October 26, the 30-year fixed-rate for home loans jumped to 7.16%. That’s the highest since 2001.

Homebuyers are reconsidering their purchases. Pulte Group reported a 24% cancellation rate and expects an even higher rate in the next quarter. The real estate market is a roller coaster ride with no signs slowing down.

If you’re a real estate agent, competition will be even more cutthroat. If you’re a real estate marketer, you need to be even more proactive and inventive to stay ahead of the game, or you’re going to be left in dust.

Add new content to your email campaigns. Offer new products. Be the first one out of the gate. Send updated property listings to your subscribers every week. Expand your contacts and network. And an updated real estate agent email list is essential. Here are 5 more ideas so real estate marketers will not only survive but thrive:


1) Welcome Emails

The welcome email is an important way to introduce yourself to a real estate agent or broker. Be friendly, get right to the point. Offer the agent something original and unique – like new listings from an exclusive source. Actionable, personalized emails like welcome emails are much more effective than the standard cookie cutter variety.

2) New Listing Tracker

Make sure you’re connecting with potential agents by keeping them updated with the most recent listings through weekly emails. Even if they have alerts for new listings from other sources, a real estate agent will devour any list they haven’t seen. Andrewrayas.com has one of the most up to date and comprehensive listing sites in the business.

3) Value Added Content

Your prospects want anything that will lead them to a sale. Send them as much relevant information as possible. There’s no better way to convey your expertise than with a newsletter packed full of relevant, helpful facts like changing market conditions, mortgage rate fluctuations, etc. They are also thirsty for real estate trivia, like the most expensive homes In Florida, what celebrities are buying, etc. Here’s an example: The 10 Priciest Zip Codes in America – And Who Lives There.

4) Consistency

Real Estate marketing guru Kyle Handy says that consistency is a successful real estate agent marketers secret weapon. In his opinion, nearly all real estate marketers lack persistence. This lack of consistency applies to prospecting, marketing, follow-up, and email marketing.

It’s better to communicate more often than not enough. At worst, the customer will unsubscribe. However, it’s better to over-communicate than risk not reaching out enough.

5)  Invest in a Better Real Estate Marketing Email List

The Email List Company has the most up to date and comprehensive real estate marketing lists in the business. Their expert staff constantly monitors the market and updates their email lists. Their database is vast, with over 1,700,000 ++ current real estate and broker decision-makers segmented for pinpoint accuracy.

As the wild and crazy real estate market gets wilder and crazier, supplying your subscribers with unique and relevant content is critical for converting leads into clients. For more information and advice, contact our real estate experts by clicking here.

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