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No, CTA doesn’t stand for the Chicago Transit Authority, or Cover Thy A## – at least for email marketers. It stands for Call to Action and it’s a vital feature for any email campaign. This little phrase and/or button should be taken as seriously as the rest of your email campaign.

A Call to Action (CTA) is a marketing term for any design that prompts an immediate sale. A CTA often refers to the use of words, phrases or distinct buttons and triggers that are incorporated into email campaigns, advertising messages, or web pages. They compel users to act in a specific way.


The words on a CTA tell the users where to act, The copy should be succinct and to the point. It is simply a directional and should tell them where to click a link or push a button – like: “Click here.” “Push here for details.” “Subscribe here.”  Stay away from friction words like: “buy here,” “order here” or “download here.”  These words may deter the user. When you add a ‘your’ to the button: “Click for your subscription,” marketers saw a 50% increase in conversions.

Here are some tried-and-true email CTA phrases that will still work in 2023, according to Euromsgexpress

  • The call to action coupon (Use Code: AAAAA) never fails.
  • Phrases like “show me…” or “take me to…” offer a value proposition and make users feel in control.
  • Words like “get 50% off” provide users with a sense of profit.
  • “Email sign-up buttons” is a simple and useful CTA that you can use in your email.
  • The use of buttons in contrasting colors plays a major role in drawing the attention of users to call to action.
  • The phrase “let’s talk” provides a warm and friendly approach

Here are some new email CTA phrases for 2023 that will cut through the clutter and engage users, according to WordStream:

1)   More Info or Register Here

While “register” isn’t our first pick for words here (we’d go for something a little more friendly like “sign up,” there’s something about this call to action phrase that’s compelling. The “more info” kind of lets me know that I’m not locked into anything. Plus, there’s a slight curiosity factor.

2)   Check Availability

This is a really smart option when you’re offering any sort of free assessment, product, or service. There’s nothing wrong with “book now” or “schedule now,” but what does that mean? If you click on it, are you submitting your contact information, and then someone will be reaching out to you within 24 hours? Will you be given a number or email address to contact in order to schedule it?

“Check availability,” tells me that I can reserve a spot online (convenient), and without actually having to interact with anyone just yet.

3)   Complete Your (Free) Registration

Sometimes, plastering “FREE” all over your call-to-action copy sounds loud and pushy. But saving it for an email CTA is always a good idea. Parentheses can help, and this simple addition makes “Free” front and center.

4)   Ok, Let’s Do This

This CTA has an encouraging feel to it. It’s friendly and inviting.

5)   Get Inspired

There’s a lot going on here in this CTA. “Free membership” is referring to their daily, weekly, and other newsletters so that’s confusing. But we like the switch-up to “Get inspired” instead of “Sign up” or “Subscribe.”


An email CTA has three main features that combine together to make a powerful conversion point for the user. Copy, design, and placement all have major impacts on a call-to-action in an email campaign.

Designing a CTA button is important, so it stands out on the page and doesn’t get lost. Make it colorful so it pops out of the screen. Make sure the color is different from the other colors on the page so users can see it.

Positioning your email CTA button near the top of the page can increase conversions for easy-to-read emails. The middle of the page is also good for emails that are lengthier. It’s not a good idea to put the button at the bottom of the page, because a portion of your audience won’t read an email to the end, so the entire effort might be in vain. Play it safe – put the button in the middle or at the top.

For more help with email CTA’s or marketing tips that will drive leads and increase sales in 2023 – we’ll use the most tried-and-true (and overused) call-to-action phrase of them all

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