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Almost 10% of all American homes are worth over a million dollars. That’s a lot of homes, and you could be locking in real estate sales with buyers and sellers. But lead generation can be challenging for realtors looking to build their high-end clientele.

You can create a robust email list of qualified leads interested in luxury properties with the right strategies. This comprehensive guide will explore proven tactics to find and foster relationships with affluent prospects for your realtor email list.

Leverage Your Sphere of Influence

Your current social and professional connections likely include individuals who could be potential luxury real estate leads or can refer you to them. Here are some tips:

Ask for Referrals

Reach out to past luxury clients to ask for referrals. Send a thoughtful handwritten note or a small gift as a token of appreciation. Offer to treat them to coffee or a meal to catch up.

People You Know

Let friends, family, and colleagues know about your specialty in high-end real estate. Equip them with business cards and listing flyers to help spread the word.


Connect with other professionals like attorneys, accountants, designers, or contractors who serve wealthy clients who could be looking to buy or sell luxury homes. Offer them a 10-20% commission or finder’s fee for any referrals.

Host Events

Consider hosting a special VIP client appreciation event to get your existing high-end clients together. They can network and potentially refer their wealthy friends and contacts.

Tap Into Luxury Venues & Organizations

Seek country clubs, luxury hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and other high-end venues in your area. Build relationships with gatekeepers like the membership director, general manager, and community relations manager.


Offer to host a special informational seminar on real estate trends or luxury home features for the venue’s members. This gives you a chance to establish yourself as a trusted authority and mingle with prospects.


Sponsor regular membership luncheons or special charity fundraisers. Get promoted as the exclusive sponsor.

Propose sponsoring a golf tournament, live entertainment night, or holiday brunch. Display marketing materials and create an opportunity to mingle.


Volunteer your time at charity events held at the venue. Show your commitment to giving back.

You could also volunteer for a board committee or leadership role. This increases your visibility and networking opportunities.

Get Specific

Local business associations, Chambers of Commerce, and nonprofit boards are other excellent sources to find wealthy contacts. Look for organizations that cater to the luxury market, like arts foundations or medical centers.

Attend gallery openings, museum events, and other cultural institutions to network with potential leads. Strike up conversations to establish rapport.

Leverage Your Online Presence

Your website and social media channels allow you to cast a wider net for prospective luxury home buyers. Make sure your online profiles showcase your specialty in high-end real estate.

Perfect Your Listings

Create a distinct section on your website highlighting luxury listings and services. Feature high-quality photos of $1 million (and more) homes. You could even partner with a drone photography service for dramatic property photos!

Build Trust

Share listings and market updates about high-end properties on your social media and email newsletters. Use luxury-related hashtags. Showcase your expertise by sharing statistics, trends, and tips related to the luxury real estate niche.

Join Groups

Interact in Facebook groups and LinkedIn communities focused on luxury living and real estate. Active participation raises your visibility as an expert.

Run Ads

Paid social media ads and Google Ads allow you to target your messaging to reach affluent demographics based on their interests, location, and browsing history. Retargeting ads help you follow up with website visitors who match your ideal luxury client profile.

Cultivate Relationships with Prospects

Prospective clients need to be cultivated. The key is continually nurturing relationships with potential new clients to gain trust and top-of-mind awareness.

Be Personal

Make sure your CRM system helps cultivate these crucial connections with personalized follow-up.

Personally invite top prospects to exclusive industry events, charity galas, or luxury product previews. Offer to pick them up to chat on the drive over. You could even send VIP prospects handwritten notes or small luxury branded gifts as a thoughtful touch point.

Ask for Advice

Proactively call clients for their opinions on current real estate trends relevant to the luxury market. People enjoy sharing expertise!

Creating a Targeted Local Email List

Leveraging all the techniques and strategies discussed above, you can create a targeted local email list catering to potential luxury real estate buyers. Here’s how:

Collection Points

Identify all the touchpoints where you can collect email addresses. Gather emails at networking events, online interactions, luxury venues and organizations you frequent, or personal meetings with affluent individuals. Always be ready to collect contacts for your email list.


Organize your contacts based on interests, purchasing power, and interactions with previous communications. The more finely-segmented your list, the more personalized and effective your communication can be.

Engaging Content

Send emails that provide value and resonate with the luxury real estate market. This could include market updates, new listings, industry trends, or exclusive content for your VIPs.

The key is consistently delivering content that positions you as the go-to expert in luxury real estate and keeps your audience engaged.


Personalize your email marketing efforts as much as possible. This could mean using the recipient’s name, sending birthday or anniversary wishes, or providing content based on their interests.

Not only does personalization make the recipient feel valued, but it also increases the chances of your realtor email lists being opened and read.

Build a Realtor Email List

By leveraging these tactics, you can create and nurture a local email list targeted towards potential luxury home buyers. This will help you build lasting relationships and establish yourself as your area’s trusted luxury real estate expert.

Consistency and persistence are key. Over time, you can build a robust realtor email list to support your high-end business.

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