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FAQ’s – The Email List Company

What type of file is provided for the list?

– Microsoft CSV File

How can I open this File?

– You can open this File in Microsoft Excel; we recommend you have the latest version to access all records as some older versions have trouble pulling larger amounts of data.

How many downloads of the purchased list do I get?

– You get 3 Downloads once you purchase the list. The reason you get 3 downloads is so you can download to multiple computers. We recommend that you download this list on a desktop or laptop computer.

How long is my download link good for?

– The download link is good for 30 days from the date you purchased the list.

Can you send out the list for me once I purchase it?

– Yes, We do full-service email marketing and if you also are interested in targeting consumers we can help you with those emails as well.

FAQs – The Email List Company

What is the primary purpose of the email lists provided by The Email List Company?

Our email lists are intended solely for educational and research purposes. Users can utilize these lists for academic, analytical, or investigative purposes.

Can I rely on the accuracy of the information in the email lists?

While we strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the lists. Users should be aware that data may vary over time, and we do not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies.

What is the user’s liability when utilizing the email lists from The Email List Company?

Users who obtain and use our email lists do so at their own risk. The Email List Company is not liable for any damages, losses, or legal repercussions arising from the use, misuse, or distribution of these email addresses by any third party.

Is there any restriction on the use of the provided email addresses?

Yes, the email addresses provided by The Email List Company are not to be used for any unauthorized, unlawful, or unethical purposes. Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in spamming, unsolicited communications, or any activity that violates applicable laws or regulations.

How does The Email List Company handle changes to its Disclaimer?

The Email List Company reserves the right to amend or update the Disclaimer as necessary to comply with changing legal requirements or company policies. The most recent version will always be available on our website.

How accurate are the verification results provided by MillionVerifier?

MillionVerifier boasts a virtually 100% accuracy rate at the time of verification. However, results depend on the response from the domain’s mail server, and efforts are made to continuously improve accuracy.

What emails can I use after verification?

Ok (good) emails are safe to use, while Invalid and Disposable (bad) emails should be removed from your list. Risky (Catch-All and Unknown) emails may be safe if they are real subscribers and recently subscribed.

What are catch-all emails, and why are they considered risky?

Catch-all emails are set up to accept all mail, even if the email address doesn’t exist. They are considered risky due to the potential for bounce messages and should be used cautiously, especially if obtained from unreliable sources.

How can I confirm the validity of ‘risky’ emails?

The best method is to send them an email directly. For a more in-depth check, consider using a service like Scrubby, which sends a blank email to verify the actual status of these emails, ensuring your list’s accuracy.

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