Email Marketing Service Provider


Email Marketing Service Provider
  • Best Way to Drive Sales and Increase Profits, It is proved by many businesses.
  • Direct marketing Association has said the ROI on Email Marketing is around 4300%.
  • Build lasting and Profitable relations with your regular clients and Increase your business.
  • Increase referrals and World of Mouth publicity.
  • Increases chances of conversion rates and average customer value.

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iContact boasts a great combination of assets- it combines a robust feature set with an excellent, easy to use GUI. You can combine bulk mailings with social media integration for maximum visibility and propagation, roll out custom surveys, customize your mailings with a huge list of options, and utilize dozens of other features, all with an interface so simple you can control it all from a mobile device. The sheer amount of features packed into iContact make it an easy choice for number 1. If you aren’t sure who to use for email marketing, iContact is a good starting point.


Benchmark is a great runner-up for email marketing service software. Its main highlight is the special customization features that it has which, include some advanced tricks like the ability to include video or images in your mailings. That can add a lot of value because the mail that catches the eye is more likely to lead to conversions. It is fairly easy to use and, you can create mailings quickly, especially after you have spent some time with the software. The one downside is that Benchmark uses Google Analytics instead of a built-in analytics tool.


Pinpointe has an interesting perspective. The big sell of this software is the automation tools. It has a slew of features that will handle a lot of the follow-up work and similar tasks for you, conduct split tests, and in general, take a lot of the grunt work out of the job. These services don’t come cheaply, however, and you need to be in a position to take advantage of these tools. If you don’t like their results or would rather do it yourself, Pinpointe won’t add much value for you. For most marketers, though, it is a huge time-saver.


GetResponse is an up-and-coming service that is just barely out of the top three for a simple reason- the automation tools are seriously underdeveloped. Aside from that, GetResponse has some unique and powerful features. One of our favorites is reporting. GetResponse is excellent for visualizing data, which is so important when you want to interpret your results intuitively. If this software added in some good automation tools, it would easily be a top contender.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact seems to have been-built with designers in mind. It is easy to use CSS, XHTML, or the built-in designer mode to create your messages, which is a very good feature. It can save you time if you know those environments well and are comfortable with them. On the other hand, Constant Contact misses some features that it would be nice to have, like preview and reporting tools. That makes it hard to recommend for the top. Constant Contact is best for people who want to streamline their design process.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response has a good guided wizard to help you create and place your content, and you can also go the self-made route with HTML or simple plaintext. On the other hand, the interface does a poor job at notifying you if you have left out an important field, so in the end, you often need to go back and edit your mail. Once you learn the software, it’s pretty easy and fast to make a new design, but it might be a rocky road.


Mailigen is quite robust- it has some automation, dynamic mailing, social network buttons, templates to save you time, and more. The reason it doesn’t score higher is that it is missing some features that need to be in any email marketing software. The first is previews- it is crucial to know how your email will look on a variety of platforms, and you can’t do that with Mailigen. The next is that its market segmentation is not fully developed. It is a jack-of-all-trades piece of software that needs some work to be truly competitive.

Graphic Mail

GraphicMail has the makings of a good email marketing service software. It has a lot of the right features, like social media buttons and the ability to create mail that will appeal to smartphone users. There is an autoresponder, which is very nice and which some other services on this list lack. The major failing of GraphicMail is the interface. It just is not that easy to use, and it takes time to get used to it. GraphicMail doesn’t offer anything that nobody else has, so as of right now, it is hard to justify the time investment. If you don’t know who to use for email marketing, it is probably best to go with one with a better interface.


Campaigner is not bad software by any means- it comes loaded with tons of templates, it has a great suite of tools for getting around spam filters, there’s a preview feature, you can add some custom HTML to flesh out your favorite templates, and there are some integrated analytical tools. However, there is one major flaw in Campaigner, and that is the support. The live chat isn’t available when it should be, and when it is up, the reps are often unhelpful. This can be annoying and put you in a difficult position when you are stuck or need help.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is under active and rapid development, so while it is currently on the bottom of the list, it might make its way further up shortly. The GUI is constantly being overhauled for usability improvements, and it has some neat design features. It provides the full gamut of social media buttons and analytics tools. Despite that, though, there is no A/B testing, which is a core feature. The analytics are in, so it should be a simple next step to add in A/B and make this into a real contender.