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In spite of having electric cars being shoved down our throats by green new deal politicians, consumers are resisting this huge investment. There are many reasons why they are reluctant to “go green.”

The prices and wait times are ridiculous. Demand for Tesla’s have been growing over the past few years, but supply chain problems can’t keep up with demand. How long you have to wait for a Tesla depends on what model you want.

The Tesla Model Y Long Range currently has a wait time up to July 2023 – not 2022 – 2023! The price for a base Y is $63,000 but you have to pay an extra $2,000 for 20-inch wheels, and $1,000 for a tow hitch. The wait for a Tesla S is between November 2022 and February 2023. The starting price is $104,990.

Even a less expensive EV is expensive. A base Hyundai Kona EV costs $34,000. A Kona Ioniq5 starts at $40,000, and the wait time for a Hyundai EV can be anywhere from 2 to 8 months. Expect to pay a hefty dealer markup.

A Ford F-150 Lightning costs anywhere between $40,000 and $95,000. A big battery requires a $9,500 option package on an XLT. 2022 Ford Lightnings are sold out. The wait time for some Lightnings can be up to 3 years – according to Motorbiscuit.

But the #1 reason isn’t the price or wait time. It’s the logistics of where and when people are able to charge an electric car .A recent Fox Business poll says this is the largest barrier preventing them from buying electric vehicles.

When asked about the top concerns preventing them from going electric, 61% said charging logistics. It typically takes 30 minutes to get an 80% charge at even the fastest charging stations.

America is not ready to handle the charging requirements of EV, no matter how much the green new deal politicians complain. Home and short commutes may be fine, but long trips are a real problem.

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