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Marketing experts agree – you can’t have a good email marketing campaign unless you have a good email marketing strategy. This is a time-tested and results-proven rule that all marketers should follow. An email strategy focuses on defining your goals, objectives, and audience. Mailmodo sums it up nicely:

  1. An email strategy will define your goals and objectives.
  2. An email strategy will target your audience.
  3. An email strategy incorporates SWOT analysis for past email campaigns.
  4. An email strategy will identify your type of emails and email cadence.

With that in mind, here are some of the best email marketing strategies for 2023 – so you can start off your new year with a bang!

Clean Your Email list for Better Deliverability

To avoid deliverability issues, it is critical to clean your email list regularly.  sendinblue defines list cleaning as the process of removing email addresses from your contact list that are unengaged and removing contacts who have unsubscribed. This helps improve your sender reputation and overall email deliverability.

Provide Value One Email at a Time

Providing value to your subscriber is essential for an effective email marketing strategy. When you provide value, your emails are more likely to get opened.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about what they want or need and build your email strategy around that. Your campaigns will benefit from this.

Optimize Your Call-to-Action 

Your call-to-action (CTAs) affect the click through rates of your emails. An ineffective CTA means less visitors and less sales, so spend some time on CTAs so your subscribers will respond.  

Experiment with different buttons and text CTAs, and make sure the words you use are compelling. Learn more about CTAs here.

Segment Your Email Campaigns

Segmenting your email list into groups of like-minded people lets you send content that is relevant to your audience. Segment your email list based on demographics, actions, interests, or customer behavior and persona, like where they live or the job they have.

Use a signup form to gather information. Ask new subscribers questions like:

  1. What industry do they work in.
  2. How often would they like to receive your emails.
  3. What is their location.
  4. What products or services interest them the most.

You can also segment your list by grouping contacts by the links they connect to.

Test. Test. Then Test Again.

Face it, you’re going to have trial and error before you can nail down an effective email strategy. Writing emails is a learning curve, so be ready to do some A/B testing. which is simply comparing one variation of an email with another. This gives you an idea of what type of campaign will work best.

These email marketing strategies will help develop your best email campaigns for 2023. For more results-proven strategies, contact the experts at the Email List Company.

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